Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas and Warmer Effect They Can Give

Yes, it’s right that brownish bathroom floor tile ideas can give you warmer atmosphere, even romantic look. It depends on how you handle the combination. Several small bathrooms are here today, to show you how the beauty of warmth can be done in a limited space. The first picture shows large rectangular tiles of a very small yet contemporary bathroom. A white toilet is provided on the floor, combined with dark walls around the tiny area too. To give a more modern look, white linings are given to separate the floor and walls lines.

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The same motif of the tiles can be seen in another picture here. What makes them different is the way they arranged. If the previous modern bathroom floor tile ideas are arranged tidily in same directions, this one is not. Horizontal and vertical are combined, create new pattern within modern looks. A small white toilet stands in the corner of the bathroom, together with a white modern vanity next to it. Only a small part of the bathtub is seen in the picture. But still this proves that it’s not impossible for a small bathroom to have a bathtub inside.

Next is a little larger bathroom rather than the first two. On the farthest wall, a simple modern white bathtub and its curtain are provided fitly. On its side are a white toilet and a large white bathroom vanity. You can see that the vanity provides some drawers, small cupboards, and of course built-in sink. Bright beige squared tiles are chosen to build up the flooring. But, you can change them into the brown one to get a warmer look, just like what you can see in another picture here. The marble tiles have a little brownish color, between beige and brown. If the previous bathroom has straight pattern for the tiles, this one arranges the tiles diagonally. However, still you can’t deny its beauty.

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Now we are in the last bathroom of the article. It has unique white tiles with dark spots on each corner of the tiles. For a warmer look, you can reverse the color by choosing brown tiles and change the spots into white. In a corner near the bathroom window, you can find a white toilet across a glass shower divider. Next to the toilet is a white wooden vanity with proper storage. You can add a matching table or maybe chair inside if needed. Paint the walls in white or pastel tones to make the bathroom looks greater. Enjoy the modern bathroom ceramic tile designs, and hopefully you are inspired.

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