Bathroom Vanity Lighting Concept for Modern Houses

Perfect bathroom vanity lighting is required for modern houses. Surely you don’t want to have a gloomy or ugly bathroom, right? However, you need to know that careless handling of the lighting will easily create gloomy looks. For a smart example, we will start with the beauty given by a modern white bathroom. The first image has twin white bathroom vanities with also twin bowl sinks. On the white walls, there is a mirror for each sink. Hanging on the ceiling are 4 pendants in bright white lighting. A window separates both sink in the best way. White and bright are the perfect words for this bathroom.

Perfect Wall Lamps with White Bell Shade as Bathroom Vanity Lighting Design

Another image shows you a different way to deal. A very long bathroom vanity with brown granite countertop is added there. It has twin built-in sinks completed with chromed faucets. Both of the sinks have giant mirror and mounted lamps to support bathroom vanity lighting ideas. Drawers and cupboards are offered by this bathroom very well. Comparable with this one is the next bathroom in the next photo. This time, the vanity is colored in black, but still providing cupboards and drawers for you. There is a space in the center of the vanity, used for seat storing. On right and left side, you can find built-in sink on the white countertop. Modern mirrors with dark frames and built-in lamps are given. On the wall between the mirrors also you can find luxurious sconces.

Next is a two-tone modern bathroom that you may fall in love with. The upper walls are colored in dark brown, while the lower paneled walls are great in white. Just like the lower walls, the modern square sink is also toned in white. Above the sink is a huge mounted mirror, framed also in white. Higher, you can find three pendants in track, shining the sink area. On the right side of the sink, there is a hand towel provided for you. This fancy bathroom has a great window towards beautiful scenery of the outside. Placed beneath the window is a comfy bathtub with granite topside.

Lavish Bathroom Vanity Lighting with White Shade also Black Pipe above Lush Cabinet

The last ideas are given by a public toilet. It has common white sink stand together side by side. The lower walls are covered by small grey tiles, and the top area of the walls is painted in pretty grey. Medium square mirror is attached for each of the sink. Take a look at the top of the mirror. Three cylinders of lamps with amazing holder and accent are provided for each sink and mirror. You can order this kind of lighting and apply it at your home if you like. Hopefully the great bathroom vanity lighting design ideas are good for you.

Alluring Bathroom Vanity Lighting with Glass Wall Lamps also Neon on the Mirrors

Awesome Beach Bathroom with Bathroom Vanity Lighting of White Shade of Mini Chandeliers

Bewitching Bathroom with Stylish Bathroom Vanity Lighting of Wall Lamps with Bell Shade

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Lighting Design Ideas with Wall Lamps also White Drum Shade

Elegant Bathroom Interior Design with Bathroom Vanity Lighting of Modern Wall Lamps Decoration

Minimalist Bathroom Vanity Lighting of White Wall Lamps also Chrome Pipes above Cabinet

Pretty Master Bathroom with Sightly Bathroom Vanity Lighting of Bell Shade Wall Lamps

Radiant Wall Lamps with White Shade also Chrome Pipe as Bathroom Vanity Lighting

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