Blue Pendant Light for a Chic and Cozy Dining Room

Various blue pendant light products that you find in the markets can beautify your dining room at home. If you think the blue color will create glooms or unfriendly atmosphere, then you should check out some examples given here. The first reference is given by a traditional dining room in a simple house. Two wooden dining tables in rectangular design are placed together in the middle of the room. Several wooden dining chairs in traditional concept are surrounding their looks. The chairs are painted in white, light blue, and dark blue. Check out the wooden ceiling. It provides you some hanging pendants with traditional blue light shade too. Paint all the walls around in white to give the dining room a little brighter impression.

Big Size of Blue Pendant Light with Bell Shade Hanging above Brown Wooden Table

The second kitchen is a contemporary kitchen with minimalist design. In the image you can see how a sleek marble kitchen island stands on the floor. Blue LED lights are attached along the kitchen island, creating modern and fabulous effects. This kitchen provides also some modern barstools next to the kitchen island. Two hanging pendants in conical light shades are completing the modernity. Compare with the blue pendant ceiling light in the next photo. Although this kitchen is dominated by modern wooden furniture, the blue is still matching. Blue is given by the pendant light shades and backsplash, while the large kitchen island, barstools, and the modern cabinetry are completely made from woods.

Applying blue pendants in your bedroom can also be good. Take a look at this picture of a modern bedroom. A comfortable white bed stands in front of a large wooden cupboard. The cupboard itself has 4 built-in lights to ease you checking out what is inside. Two hanging pendants are attached on the white ceiling. You can see how the light blue walls are surrounding this bedroom perfectly.

Cool Kitchen Decoration Idea with Blue Pendant Light above White Cabinet with Granite Countertop

A no less interesting is the last picture, again showing a contemporary bedroom to have. The big bed has combination of white and blue on it. The other blue colors are given by a rug on the wooden floor, a modern half round seat in the corner, and an accent of the white walls behind the bed. You can afford this blue accent by applying wallpapers. You can paint all the rest walls in white to balance the appearance of the room. Also white can exude cleaner and larger looks. Now, which one of the blue glass pendant ceiling light pictures interests you?

Attractive Room With Blue pendant Light Made of Glass Material with Black Pipe

Charming Design of Blue Pendant Light with Black Pipe Hanging above White Table

Fantastic Kitchen Interior Design with Blue Pendant Light with Chrome Pipe above Table

Glamour Bedroom with Blue Pendant Light with Glass Shade also Silver Pipe Design

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Ideas with Blue Pendant Light Hanging on the Ceiling

Simple Design of Blue Pendant Light with Black Pipe Attached on the Ceiling

Unique Design of Blue Pendant Light Made of Glass material with White Pipe

Wonderful Kitchen Interior Design Ideas with Blue Pendant Light above Contemporary Kitchen cabinet

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