Caring for White Shag Rug the Right Way

The white shag rug cleaning and caring looks challenging. However, on the contrary, the upkeep is relatively easy. Today, we will share some tips to help you cleaning and caring for the shag rug properly. Check them out!

Interesting Library Room with Black Sofa also Metal Chairs on White Shag Rug

To simply loosen dirt from your white sheepskin rug, take it outside. Hang it over a sawhorse or railing. Just hard enough beat the rug to loosen trapped dust, dirt, and debris. Use the mop handle or a broom side to do so. Then, leave the sheepskin rug under sunlight for few hours so the dust mites and bacteria are all killed. To vacuum shag rug, the frequency will depend on how often the rug is walked on. Use vacuum with adjustable cleaning head. Vacuuming the woven underside can be performed less frequently, such as monthly, or as needed.

Use absorbent carpet-shampoo granules to freshen the shag rug occasionally using dry shampooing technique. Sprinkle just enough granules and the brush them into your rug with cleaning-head bristles of the vacuum without having the appliance turned on. Let the shampoo sit for the length of time as instructed on the label, but it usually takes about 1 hour. Then thoroughly vacuum the granules. For steam cleaning, rent the machine as you need. Steam-clean the rug can be done only once or twice every year, or when the sheepskin rug stained or becomes soiled.

Sleek Design of White Shag Rug in Round Shape plus Sofa and Vase

As for occasional spills staining the shag rug, you need to soak them up immediately. Use absorbent and light-colored rug, such as paper towel or white terry facecloth. Rinse the rag and make sure you have squeezed out most of the water. Use it to sodden up the pills. Using white rag will eliminate any risk of transferring any color for it to your shag carpet. However, as you clean your white faux sheepskin rug, make sure to check if color from the spills still lifts onto the rag.

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