Cleaning Upholstered Bar Stools Yourself

Regular cleaning for upholstered bar stools is important not only to maintain the stainless and flawless look of your bar seating, but also to preserve their durability. There are different upholstery types vinyl, leather or synthetic, and fabric—but generally you need similar materials. Here’s how!

Appealing Upholstered Bar Stools Nuanced in Cool Grey Combined with White Breakfast Area

First of all, identify the stains first. If it is simply dirt, you will only need to clean, let’s say, your upholstered bar stools DIY with a soft cloth and warm water. If the upholstery is leather, use less water and be sure to dry quickly and thoroughly. More stubborn stains, such as grease, oil, and ink need to be removed a little differently. For this type of stain, a soft bristle brush and some mild soap or detergent are required. Remember to scrub over the grease or oil gently in a circular movement until the stains lighten. As for ink stains of upholstered stools, being patience is what you need. Try hairspray first and let sit. Rub out with a towel. If it doesn’t work, rub alcohol in the same way.

If you notice the bar upholstery emits an unpleasant odor, dampen the surface and dash a little baking soda. Let the baking soda sitting for a few minutes first before wiping it off. If the odor is still there, the chance is you have mildew or mold and the best way to treat is by using bleaching. However, perform a spot test first as bleaching can discolor your upholstery.

Adorable Upholstered Bar Stools Colored in Red on Tiled Floring Combined with Dark Countertop

When you are done cleaning the upholstery, it’s best to apply a stain guard for harder and tougher surface so you can maintain the clean look easier. Make sure the choice of stain guard you use is effective on the type of fabric used for bar stool upholstery. Well, isn’t keeping, let’s say, your upholstered bar stools with arms clean easy?

Awesome Grey Colored Upholstered Bar Stools Applied at Wine Cellar Area with Wooden Table

Attractive Upholstered Bar Stools Colored in Grey Installed under Antique Trio Pendant Lights

Captivating Upholstered Bar Stools Design Installed at Traditional Kitchen on Hardwood Flooring

Charming Motif of Upholstered Bar Stools Applied for Contemporary Kitchen on Wooden Floor

Fabulous Upholstered Bar Stools Nuanced in Colorful Nuance Enhanced with Chic Ceramic Potted Flower

Fascinating Upholstered Bar Stools Colored in Orange Placed on Impressive Wooden Flooring

Glorious Crystal Chandelier Hunga at Contemporary Kitchen with Gorgeous Upholstered Bar Stools

Antique Designed Upholstered Bar Stools Installed on Hardwood Flooring beside Wine Cellar Table

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