Contemporary Outdoor Furniture with Simple Design to Have

Here we are today, talking about contemporary outdoor furniture that will complete your life. Since you have a modern house with spacious backyard, it can’t be perfect without the presence of outdoor stuff. For the example is this lazy sofa near a beautiful lake. The mattress is comfy, put on a modern lazy sofa frame. You can enjoy the natural environment given by the water, green grass, and varied plants around. What do you think?

Dainty Patio Decoration with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture of Black rattan Seat also Comfortable Seat

The second image presents you an outdoor living room. Dark rattan furniture consists of armed sofas, a modern coffee table, a table lamp, and a standing lamp which are perfect for you. All of them are positioned on a spacious wooden patio. Compare it with other affordable contemporary outdoor furniture. Although looks the same with the first one, this is actually different. Just take a look at the color first, this is colored in white. The white armed sofas here have black pads on seat, while the previous one have white on black seat. This picture combines white and the amazing blue ocean behind. What a perfect appearance!

Move to the next image is a merged outdoor dining room and living room. Still dominated in white, you can’t even deny it at the first glance. The modern white dining table has foldable countertop and matching white dining bench. Further in the corner of the wooden patio is a modern armed sofa in minimalist design. Further again in another corner of the patio stands a modern white beach lounge with minimalist look. Wooden floor of the patio blends with the plants around, also to the blue ocean to exude more natural look.

Affordable Garden with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture of Black Rattan Bed with Soft Mattrass

For a more colorful look, you can try to put some flashy seat or table in your outdoor area. See this last picture of modern half-round seats. They offer you 4 colors in bright and fresh tones you can mention: orange, yellow, green, and light blue. Just arranged it together in line can simply create decorations for your patio. Or if you like, you can put them near your outdoor sofa. Now you have new affordable modern outdoor furniture references to try, so what are you waiting for?

Adorable Design of Contemporary Outdoor Furniture in Colorful Curve Chairs with Iron Legs

Amazing Patio with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture of Black Chairs with White Seat

Awesome Patio Design with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture with White Chairs plus Black Seat

Graceful Garden Decoration with Contemporary Outdoor Patio of Black Chairs also white Seat

Modern Decoration of Patio with Brown Rattan Chairs also White Seat and Cushion

Spacious Patio with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture of Wooden Table and Long Bench

Unique Design of Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Colored in Brown with Soft Spring Bed

Wide Garden with Contemporary Outdoor Furniture of Brown Rattan Chairs also table with Glass Top

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