Desert Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Amazing

Have you ever think about having desert landscaping ideas in your backyard or front yard? If you haven’t, then maybe some of these examples will make you want to have one. The first picture has a very fascinating desert landscaping. A big dune is seen there, along with several types of cactus and other desert plants. Note to yourself, since this is a desert, you can’t have any fountain or fishpond on the arena. You can only place some stones with varied types and sizes to exude more desert look. This kind of landscaping idea is perfect for a very spacious backyard.

Adorable Scenery of Desert Landscaping Ideas with Natural Big Rocks also Small Plants

For the front yard landscaping ideas, you can move to the second picture. In the picture, there is a large Mediterranean house stands in a hill. Outdoor staircase from stones is added for you, supported with some hidden lamps. On its both sides, you can see lots of giant desert plants are provided. Huge stones are arranged to make the desert looks more real. This landscaping idea is able to be created as the front yard landscaping too. And, if you are waiting for the simple desert landscaping ideas, let’s move to the next image.

A front yard in the third image has stony path made from arranged pebbles and soil combined together. Several palm trees are given too to give a fresher look. But, remember to not put too many plants on your small front yard. This is supposed to be a dessert, not a rainforest. The next image here is also a good example t of desert front yard landscaping that worth to try. Desert look is given by the dry and barren ground in front of the small terrace. Only a big tree is planted, together with some small bushes. Calm tone of the exterior walls is very interesting. Seems like showing the Middle East house designs.

Amazing Desert Landscaping Ideas with Small Plants also Brown Smooth Sands plus Rocks

The last one is an amazing desert backyard landscaping idea. Lots of cactus, bushes, aloe vera, and other plants are found. They are planted messily, just like they are wildly grown up there. The cactus types are fabulous. Some of them have rounded bodies, while the others have cylinder shapes. Some of them are short, and the rests of them are very tall. Great amount of tones are spread on the backyard to give dry looks. How can you deny the beauty of the simple desert backyard ideas here?

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