Enchanting Extra Tall Bar Stools Buying Guide

When extra tall bar stools are the suitable choice for you to complement your kitchen or home bar design? How to choose the right extra-tall stools that can establish a totally comfortable seating zone for casual meal or drinking time? Follow these tips to help you shopping for extra-tall stools!

Appealing Trio Hanging Lights above Granite Countertop and Simple Extra Tall Bar Stools

Whether it is the indoor or outdoor extra tall bar stools, they are generally 33 to 36 inches measured from the floor to the seat, meaning 33 to 36 inches of seat height. The best match for extra-tall stools to ensure your casual seating area works properly and comfortable for people is a counter table which height is between 44 and 47 inches. Therefore, always measure the height of your bar table from the floor first. Measuring twice is recommended.

As you have been ensured that the extra-tall stools are what you need to complement the design of your home or kitchen bar, determining the width of the seat is the next thing to do. The considerations are comfort and space. Smaller seat size means smaller seat and more stools you can fit at the counter or bar. However, larger bar seat is probably more comfortable and suitable for you. What you need to remember is that the wider the seat is, the more space it consumes. Whatever alternative you choose, it’s important to provide at least 6 inches of gap between every stool.

Chic Extra Tall Bar Stools Design at Modern Kitchen Combined with Glass Panel for Transparent Side

Last but not least is choosing the right bar stool style and type that fits the design style. For commercial use, commercial-grade stools surely are the best choice. However, you can use them for residential purpose too. The choice of bar stool material is also an important matter to consider. You can also decide if your bars stools ideally have extra features, such as extra tall outdoor swivel bar stools or extra tall stools with padding, backrest, arm, or upholstery.

Comfortable Designed Extra Tall Bar Stools Colored in White Matched with Breakfast Area

Exciting Extra Tall Bar Stools Design Combined with Wooden Island at Kitchen on Tiled Flooring

Fascinating Extra Tall Bar Stools Colored in Dark Brown Installed on Grey Colored Rug

Marvellous Style of Extra Tall Bar Stools Made of Wood Element and Shaped in Round

Traditional Kitchen Nuanced in White and Completed with Extra Tall Bar Stools on Dark Wood Flooring

Wonderful Curved Kitchen with Stunning Extra Tall Bar Stools Beautified with Charming Flower on Vase

Astonishing Design of Extra Tall Bar Stools Which is Painted in Bright White Placed at Kitchen

Captivating Extra Tall Bar Stools Made of Wood and Leather Element Combined with Wooden Table

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