Exterior House Design Principles You Have to Know

Working on exterior house design has its own challenges. While homeowners usually want their home exterior allowing the building to stand out, they also want it to blend with its neighborhood and surroundings. Simply put, designing home exterior isn’t a job for an amateur. Here are the basic principles of proper exterior design for satisfying and perfect result.

Unique Exterior House Design with Natural Stone Wall Decoration with Stylish Lighting

It doesn’t really matter what exterior house design ideas you refer, symmetry and balance play an essential role for a well-designed space. Your home facade needs both of them to look properly designed and pleasing to the eye. Another important principle is to start the design from the purpose of the building. Simply put, form follows function. Your home exterior ideally should mimic the home interior design you have previously chosen. For example, maybe you have a room over the garage, so your home exterior must have dormer window to create the balance. Remember the interior design dictates the exterior too.

The wide varieties of exterior materials you can find make the work even more challenging. How to choose the right material for home exterior? The answer is to balance aesthetics with durability. It is obvious you want your home exterior reflecting your personal style, but make sure aesthetics isn’t the only reason underlying your decision. Consult with a professional design architect to help you making the best decision.

Beautiful Exterior House Design of Second Storey House with Visible Tempered Glass Walls

Last but not least is the cornucopia of exterior color choices. The effective and safe approach is to pick two shades or tins from the same color strip several shades apart. Either the darker or the lighter shade can be used for the main exterior color and the opposites can be optimized for trim color. Use the third contrasting color as accent color you can apply to punctuate design elements, such as doors and windows. Refer to the exterior house color design ideas as inspiration on how to combine exterior paint colors!

Adorable Square House Idea with Chic Exterior House Design of Beige Paint Color

Brilliant Idea of Exterior House Design with Natural Stone also White Paint Wall

Charming Paint Color in White for Second Floor House as Exterior House Design

Good Plan of Exterior House Design with Lush Paint Color also Iron Fence

Minimalist Exterior House Design in dark Grey also Silver paint Color plus White

Modern Exterior House Design in white also Grey Paint Color for Unique House

Smart Idea of Affordable Exterior House Design in Various paint Colors for Three Storey House

Stunning Exterior House Design in Various Colors of White also Brown plus Grey

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