Feng Shui Living Room with Contemporary Designs to Try

Smart feng shui living room designs may require careful furniture positioning and walls coloring. It is believed by many people to bring lots of luck into their houses. If some of you are curious about the topic, or maybe curious about some examples of feng shui for living room, help yourself by reading this article. Today we will visit about 5 different living rooms, and let’s start from the first one. A beautiful and modern house has a white and blue living room. White and blue are very welcoming and great to be mixed. On the wooden floor, a large modern sectional sofa in white tone is standing properly. The table is shaped in a long rectangle, colored in black, and added on a white rug. Don’t forget to have a large window and well lighting designs, because feng shui room must have enough lighting.

Appropriate Feng Shui LIving Room with Beige Sofa also Blue Arm Chairplus Chandelier

The next contemporary living room is in the second picture. It presents you two modern white sofas that are placed face to face, with a minimalist wooden coffee table as their center. White walls all around the room are the great choice due to the feng shui, along with the built-in fireplace. Make sure your living room gets enough airy space and well lighting, so don’t forget to create large windows and prepare enough hanging lamps. Just like what you can find in the third image with feng shui living room furniture. Although the sofas are designed in less minimalist, but their white looks are still incredible. A rounded glass table can be an alternative too, together with lots of wall sconces and large windows. If you want to have warmer walls like what you can see in this image, make sure you choose the colors of nature like green or brown.

A no less interesting living room is available in the fourth picture. Color of nature chosen this time is brown. All of the walls are painted in soft brown, along with the brown wooden flooring. Since this living room is only small, a black sectional sofa with simple design is added in the middle of the room. You can also put one black Barcelona chair and a tiny minimalist coffee table to complete the furnishing. A matching rug and a mirror on the wall can be a good choice too. Take a look also at the giant windows on the wall, they provide you with enchanting view of the outdoor area.

Best Design of Feng Shui Living Room with Black Sofa also Brown Wooden Table

The last one is a larger living room with white walls and giant yellowish painting installation. Some sofas with different designs and colors are spread around the area, surrounding a rustic wooden coffee table on a huge black rug. One of the sofas is black and looks very modern, while the other one is colored in light brown and tufted. Across this tufted upholstered bench, another dark brown couch with pillows under the painting is given too. Lots of built-in lightings are added on the white ceiling to reduce the gloomy effect. So what are you waiting for? Let’s feng shui your living room furniture and enjoy your new life!

Chic Furniture of Feng Shui Living Room Decoration with Black Sofa also Barcelona Chair

Cultured Feng Shui Living Room Decoration Idea with White Sofas also Square Wooden Table

Delicate Feng Shui Living Room Decoration with Good Sofa also Dark Brown Coffee Table

Delightful Feng Shui Living Room with White Sofa also Colorful Chusions plus Black Table

Fancy Interior of Feng Shui Living Room with Comfortable White Sofa also Electric Fireplace

Fashionable Feng Shui Living Room Interior Design with White Sofa also Black WoodenTable

Ingenious Decoration of Feng Shui Living Room with Comfortable White Sofas plus Glass Table

Perfect Idea of Feng Shui Living Room with Double White Sofas also Wooden Table

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