Finished Basement Ideas with Proper Furnishing worth to Try

What finished basement ideas will look like in your mind? Have you ever imagined one that has fabulous design and maximum comfort to give to you? Today you are in a right article to talk about those great basement sites. Who cares if you love to stay under the ground if the places are nice? Check out this first picture. An underground modern kitchen is created for a house. It has a simple black kitchen island with metal countertop, together with dark wooden kitchen cabinetry next to it. White walls are chosen to reduce any glooms of the basement, supported also with hanging pendants and several built-in lamps. Aren’t they good?

Gorgeous Family and Dining Room Together with Delicate Furniture as Finished Basement Ideas

Turning your basement into a home media room can be a great idea to try too. Check out the finished basement design ideas in this second picture. It presents a spacious media room with huge projected screen on the beige wall. Across the screen, some puffy sofas with pillows are provided in soft brown look. A padded coffee table is also there, standing on the carpeted floor. Similar concept but different application can be found in the next image. A white sunken wall is attached by a large flat TV, between large wooden cabinets. A white carpet lies on the glossy wooden floor, exuding modernity. The lamp is half-rounded and applied on the sunken ceiling. Make sure you have comfy sofas to complete your leisure times in this spot.

Another media room in another picture gives an exclusive pool table in brown color. The pool table looks beautiful because of the dark wooden materials of the body and the legs. Two hanging pendants with classic light shades are provided above the brown pool table. On the other side of the basement area, a modern kitchen is also built. It has fabulous wooden kitchen cabinetry and a simple stony kitchen island. Three modern padded barstools are there, accompanying its presence. To separate the media room and the kitchen, you can limit the carpet installation. The carpet will only be applied on the flooring of the media room. And for the kitchen, let the brown tiles do their job.

Terrific Pool Table also Chandelier with White Drum Shade as Finished Basement Ideas

The last basement is very cheerful with white and green domination on the walls. This is the children play room. That’s why you need to make it chic and flashy, along with proper storage for the kids’ stuff. Built on the wall are some large opened racks. They are painted in white, just like the green walls’ lower parts. The floor is carpeted, completed by a colorful table, wooden table, and some chairs. You can add an indoor basketball rings or maybe an indoor sliding in another corner. Don’t forget to provide lots of lights for better atmosphere. Enjoy the finished basement design ideas photos and hopefully you are inspired.

Affordable Finished Basement Ideas with Brown Sectional Sofa also Tuffted Table plus TV

Attractive Design of Finished Basement Ideas with Cabinet also White Chairs plus Chandeliers

Best Finished Basement Ideas with Wooden Backdrop TV also Sleek Floor and Ceiling

Classic Kid Playroom with Modern Furniture also Nice Lighting for Finished basement Ideas

Clever Family Room as Good Finished Basement Ideas with White Sofa also Table

Cool Interior Design of Lush Finished Basement Ideas with Nice Furniture also Lighting

Dignified Light Fixtures Design as Fantastic Finished Basement Ideas with Built- in Lamps Decoration

Smart Decoration of Finished Basement Ideas with Brown Table under White Shade Chandelier

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