Floating Bathroom Vanity in Modern Design for Your Lovely House

Hundreds or maybe thousands floating bathroom vanity designs are invented these days. Come in varied models, sizes, and colors, those floating vanities look very incredible. Today we will see some examples of them. But to be more specific, this article will only talk about the small and modern vanities. Are you ready for the beautiful surprises? Here we go fellas!

Chic Design of Brown Wooden Floating Bathroom Vanity with White Sink also Mirror

The first picture shows you an opened bathroom which is merged with contemporary furnishing ideas. A wall panel has square pattern and colored in grey. It provides a huge framed mirror right above a floating wooden bathroom vanity. The vanity has white built-in sink and chromed faucet to complete the modernity. And to fulfill the floating bathroom vanity cabinets ideas, a small wooden cabinet is also attached next to the floating sink. It offers you three-level opened rack and a very small cupboard to keep your stuff tidy. To match their appearance, you can have wooden floor too.

The next is a no less pretty bathroom with larger mounted mirror. Yes, the mirror is frameless, designed in rectangular and mounted on grey wall. Beneath the mirror, a small black floating vanity is given. It has twin white sinks and faucets within contemporary design. On the vanity body, 4 drawers are added. White floor makes everything looks even greater. Compare with the next image with a similar concept. On the brown wallpapered wall, a small dark bathroom vanity floats. A white vessel sink is provided, half floating and half attached. The mirror is also fascinating, created from a combination between square and rectangular mirrors. The sleek white floor is exclusive, showing modernity in maximum ways.

Opulent Design of Double Sinks also Chrome Faucets attach on Floating Bathroom Vanity

If you move to the fourth image, there is a single white vessel sink given on a tiny wooden floating vanity. No drawers or cupboards are provided beside the sink. Its mounted mirror is also small, surrounded by light grey walls. You can pint the wall into white if you desire cleaner and brighter look. And for the closing, a unique bonus is given for you. Presented on a floating wooden box, this exquisite porcelain sink is shaped similar to a spoon. Rounded end that it has is sized larger than the other end. You can see also the wall behind them has horizontal pattern, and is mimicked by the wooden vanity body. Aren’t all the modern bathroom cabinets amazing to have?

Affordable Metal Floating Bathroom Vanity with Square Sinks also Mirrors with Black Frames

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Best Design of Wooden Floating Bathroom Vanity with Drawers also White Bowl Sinks

Dainty Wooden Floating Bathroom Vanity Idea in White plus Square Sink also Mirror

Minimalist Idea of Floating Bathroom Vanity Made of Wooden Material with White Sink

Perfect Idea of Floating Bathroom Vanity in Black also White with Chrome Faucet

Stylish Idea of Black Floating Bathroom Vanity with White Square Sink also Countertop

Unique Design of Floating Bathroom Vanity plus White Sink also Double Faucet Idea

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