French Country House with Warm and Welcoming Appeal

Today, we will briefly discuss about French country house. This home design style is remarkable for its earthy and chic appearance with heartwarming and welcoming appeal. French country style is inspired by the hills and valleys of countryside France. The design accentuates simplicity and sincerity which is pleasing to the eye with a hint of elegance to complement the look.

Elegant Exterior French Country House Design with White Wall Decoration also Large Garden

As you work on your French country house plans and interior design, you will find how the old-world appeal always finds its way to sneak into the design, naturally asking for attention to serve as focal point. The choice of interior furnishings emphasizes not only on aesthetics, but also on functionality. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find the use of multifunctional furnishings or goods that can transition to any place they are required most.

For you who always know how to appreciate the beauty of outdoor elements, French country style is always a good choice. It is mostly due to how the style loves to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. In doing so, flowers always play an important role in complementing the design of a French country home. You can use fresh blossoms in a pottery vase or have them carved into wooden mirror frame. Flowers such as poppies, irises, and sunflowers are flawless choice when it comes to French rustic style.

Sumptuous Wall Decoration with Natural Stones as Interesting French CountryHome Design Exterior Colored in White

To accentuate the adorably earthy vibe, French rural house always incorporates the use of warm colors for interior palette and home decorations. No stark white to use but warm hues of white instead think ecru, ivory, and cream. As for other colors, homeowners can pull them from the landscape directly—sunny yellows, burnt orange, brick reds, and more. And just like multifunctional goods often found in rustic French country house plans, the decorative accents aren’t only for decorative purpose as they have purpose too.

Wonderful Exterior French Country House Design of Agence Union with Natural Stone Wall Decoration

Fancy French Country House with Minimalist Exterior also Beige Wall with White Window

Attractive French Country House Plans with Stone Wall Exterior Design also Large Garden

Fantastic Exterior French Country House on Photo with Wall Decoration also Glass Windows

Prime French Country House with Chic Exterior with Beige Wall also Navy Window

Adorable Exterior French Country House with Beige Natural Stone Wall also Glass Windows

Alluring Second- Storey French Country House with Brick Wall also Glass and Wooden Windows

Simple First- Storey French Country House on Photos with Simple Exterior also White Wall

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