Glass Frameless Shower Doors for Your Bath Remodel Project

When you plan to remodel your bathroom, more particularly the shower area, the chance is you will have to choose between framed or frameless shower doors. These two types of glass shower enclosures have their own advantages and disadvantages; therefore it is always important to understand them first before deciding whether one is the better solution for you over the other. As for today, we will focus on the frameless shower enclosure type.

Awesome Master Bathroom with Usual Ligting and Cool Frameless Shower Doors facing Nice Vanity

The glass frameless shower doors are highly recommended when you want to establish the seamless look in your bathroom interior design. You can benefit from continuous visual detail from shower to bath space, and vice versa. It is because of the absence of metal door frame as part of the shower door construction. That is the reason why frameless glass shower doors are highly recommended for you who want to accentuate the airiness of the room, including in a smaller bath space.

However, that beautiful and aesthetic appeal comes with a price literally. Without metal frame making up the shower door construction, it is important to find way to ensure the door will remain sturdy just like the framed glass shower door. That is why the choice of material for frameless shower enclosures is the thick, heavy-duty glass which is expensive in price. And this is the reason why this shower door type is more costly, both for the product and installation costs.

White Door beside Frameless Shower Doors and Casual Tile Model plus Small Space inside

When you renovate shower room by replacing the door with frameless one, you may need to make adjustment regarding the shower plan, especially the location of shower head. The absence of metal frame allows gaps between each glass paneling. Therefore, if the shower head isn’t positioned well, the chance is you will find droplets of water flooding on bathroom floor often, which is one of biggest drawbacks aside from the glass frameless shower doors price and cost.

Casual Window Model beside Frameless Shower Doors plus Calm Wall Tile Color and Small Ceiling Lamp

Contemporary Tile Design and Calm Color plus Frameless Shower Doors beside Bathtub under Window

Cozy Bathtub closed Frameless Shower Doors and Two Type Tile Design inside plus Black Shower Color

Nice Floortile inside Part under Small Ceiling Lamp near Frameless Shower Doors and Simple Seat Space

Silver Shower Color beside Bath Set Space facing Frameless Shower Doors and Amusing Floortile Model

Small Floortile inside and White Wall Tile Color closed Frameless Shower Doors beside Bathtub

Usual Ceiling Lamp above Nice Walk in Shower plus Frameless Shower Doors beside Bathtub

Tiny Handle Size on Frameless Shower Doors and Amusing Shower on Nice Wall Tile

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