Granite Counter Tops Exude Luxurious View in Simplest Ways

If you are planning to have granite counter tops in your kitchen, then you are reading the right helpful article. This time, we are going to explore some examples of beautiful modern kitchen, completed with granite countertops on the kitchen island or kitchen vanity. Let’s begin with the first image given. It shows a large classic kitchen island colored in white. Sleek black countertop made from granite decorates its top. Supported by built-in sink and chromed faucet, this area is also accompanied by the presence of three hanging pendants. White kitchen cabinetry that is seen back there blends the environment perfectly.

Impressive Hanging Lamp Placed above Adorable Granite Counter Tops on Hardwood Flooring

The second image gives you a beautiful brownish kitchen with a huge wooden kitchen island as the center. Dark granite countertop of the kitchen island accompanies the kitchen island in the best way. Silver refrigerator and large set of wooden kitchen cabinetry are completing this area. They are standing on classic tiled floor fitly. If you like to have this one, you can install simple bricked backsplash and hanging pendants too like what you can see in the picture. Now, let’s move to see other granite kitchen countertops.

This time, we are in the third kitchen. Take a look at its fabulous brown domination. A set of large cornered kitchen cabinetry is made from wooden materials. In the middle of the room, stands a rectangular kitchen island with matching granite top. You can add a built-in sink with faucet too to ease your activities. Compare it with another similar kitchen in the next photo. The large kitchen island is still painted in wooden brown, but this time the granite top comes in darker tone. If you like this way, you can blend its presence by the additional of dark wooden flooring and matching kitchen cabinetry around. Don’t forget to apply proper lighting in order to make it more comfortable.

Small Kitchen Island Size Equipped with Beautiful Potted Flower Put on Granite Counter Tops

Last but not least is a white traditional kitchen in the final photo. The elongated kitchen island is located smartly in the middle of the room, right across an elongated kitchen cabinetry. To provide more storage, the kitchen island and cabinetry here have lots of drawers and cupboards. Take a look at the classic pendants that hanging above the kitchen island. They have matching looks with the dark granite top on the kitchen island and kitchen cabinetry. A big window over there also offers enough lights for the room. Enjoy the granite kitchen countertops pictures, and hopefully you are inspired.

Appealing Granite Counter Tops Applied for Luxurious Kitchen Island with Small Sink and Metal Faucet

Charming Glass Potted Flower Put on Glorious Granite Counter Tops at Modern Kitchen

Fascinating Granite Counter Tops Applied for Modern Kitchen Nuanced in Bright White Color

Inspiring Granite Counter Tops Equipped with Small Sink and Curved Metal Faucet on It

Modern Stove Combined with Square Shaped Sink and Black Faucet Created on Granite Counter Tops

Simple Designed Fruits Bowl and Bread Place Created on Luxurious Granite Counter Tops

Stunning Hanging Lamp above Small Granite Counter Tops at Traditional Kitchen on Wooden Floor

Wonderful Kitchen Lighting Enlightening Modern Kitchen with Prestigious Granite Counter Tops

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