Granite Dining Table and Luxurious Atmosphere at Home

Will you ever trust if someone says putting a granite dining table in your home will make your living space looks better? You should, because it’s true. If you are still wondering how to deal with the granite table, today we will examine several examples that worth to try. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Beautiful Flowers on Ceramic Vase Put on Granite Dining Table to Enhance Minimalist Dining Space

Here is the first dining room in the first image. You can see 6 dining tables are standing on wooden flooring. All of the dining chairs are covered in exclusive black leather upholstery. To match their looks, the granite top dining table is also colored in black, supported by dark wooden legs. Similar ideas are available in the second image too. The 6 dining chairs are still black in leather upholstery, accommodate with tall back seat. But, this time the granite top of the luxurious dining table colored in lighter brown. You can combine all of them with grey walls and white oak wooden flooring to exude more modern style.

If you are lucky enough to have a great dining room, then this third picture will perfect for you. A huge oval dining table with white granite top stands in the middle of the room. Surrounding it are 8 contemporary dining chairs with fancy upholstery. You can add some big windows on the walls to give the room better lighting. Also, you can hang some pendants right above the table. For the flooring, try to install dark tiles. You will get a mesmerizing dining time!

Impressive Black Leather Dining Chair Installed on Tiled Rug Coupled with Impressive Granite Dining Table

For smaller size, let’s move to the next picture given. The dining table is design in square, made from wooden materials. You can see its simple granite top accompanied by 4 modern dining chairs presence. Those chairs are covered in sleek black leather. Complete the floor by covering it with white rug. But if you have no space for dining table, you can utilize the kitchen island. The last picture shows how a white granite kitchen island is adapted as a simple dining table. Two simple chairs with wooden frames and black seats are added. Which granite top dining table designs you like?

Great Granite Dining Table at Contemporary Dining Room with Leather Chairs on Stripes Rug

Simple Dining Room Decor Furnished with Simple Granite Dining Table and Leather Chairs on Grey Rug

Stunning Design of Granite Dining Table Nuanced in Dark and Combined with Bright Dining Chairs

Unique Designed Granite Dining Table Mixed with Classic Styled Dining Chairs on Tiled Flooring

Fabulous Granite Dining Table Blended with Simple Stools as Dining Chair Placed on Grey Cream Rug

Captivating Centerpiece Put on Glorious Granite Dining Table Shaped in Round on Beautiful Rug

Wonderful Granite Dining Table Shaped in Oval and Combined with Unique Dining Chairs Colored in Brown

Awesome Granite Dining Table Combined with Tufted Dining Chairs at Small Eating Space on Wooden Floor

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