Granite Top Dining Table and How to Choose the Base

The granite top dining table is a popular choice when it comes to incorporating beautiful design element into your dining area without sacrificing the main function of the room. Even so, the choice of dining room table goes beyond than simply picking the right granite countertop color or design. After all, remember granite tops are heavy and therefore appropriate table base is necessary.

Alluring Design Idea Of Round Granite Top Dining Table with Lush Chairs also Chandelier

When choosing granite top dining table set, there are some important considerations to put into main. First, consider the tabletop size and how thick it is—the larger the tabletop size, the larger the table base required. And the real concern is actually the stability of table base. With light table base and a heavy tabletop, a high center of gravity is created, which may cause the table tipping over. Usually, there are two thicknesses available for granite table tops: 2 cm and 3 cm. The 2cm thick stone is the most recommended choice.

The height of your dining table matters too. The taller the table is, the more likely it will tip over as you raise the center of gravity by raising the tabletop. The 22” diameter table base works well for standard dining table height. At bar height, a heavier and larger table base is necessary. Then don’t forget the table base design style too. Vintage style tables are more recommended than contemporary units as they feature a cast iron bottom and column for heavier table base, thus they can handle heavy granite tops better.

Elegant Wooden Table in Square Shape Design with Brown Granite Top Dining Room Idea

Pay attention to the number of columns to provide sufficient weight distribution. Alternatively, you can place several smaller table bases beneath the granite top if you don’t go for a single table base with multiple columns. And last but not least, your black granite top dining table set does need to be attached properly, especially for the base to the top.

Charming Design of White Granite Top Dining Table with Wooden Leg also Comfortable Chairs

Contemporary Granite Top Dining Table in Black Color with Wooden Legs also Tufted Chairs

Marvelous Granite Top Dining Table in Round Shape Design with Dark Brown Metal Legs

Sightly Design of Black Wooden Legs with White Granite Top Dining Table plus Chairs

Sleek Design of Granite Top Dining Table on the Brown Rectangle Wooden Table Design

Fantastic Design of Round Granite Top Dining Table with Wooden Legs Colored in Brown

Hunky Granite Top Dining Table with Black Wooden Leg also Chairs with Soft Seat

Magnificent Granite Top Dining Table in White with Whooden Legs plus Brown Wooden Chairs

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