Gray Living Room for Contemporary Redecorating with Chic Shades

Maybe drab impression is the word when you describe gray living room. Maybe some will question why choosing gray as the color scheme of the most visited room by guests in a house. It’s true that gray isn’t the most favorite color in interior design but gray can change the ordinary sitting room into jazzy space with cozy vibe. The easy way to do is grouping the gray paint on the wall. Alternating darker gray and lighter gray makes the painting style sophisticated.

Appealing Details Sofa in Gray Living Room and White Storage under Bright Mirror

Choosing gray living room furniture is easier than selecting brighter colored room. In gray room, furniture in neutral color is needed most. Lighter gray or ivory classic chairs complete the gray room to be more subtle and soft. The softness can be added by painting the beam ceiling all white. Modern accessories are used as the updated impressions among these elegant elements. Tufted sofa that is customized and with more textures look wonderful with lighter grey chesterfield lounge. Nothing’s more elegant than white room with lighter gray furniture. Maintaining classic style is different done by sitting room inspired from classy medieval.

Will gray theme be monotonous in small space? It won’t. When gray minimalism meets black as the accent, only posh accent is the result. Keep in mind to set everything in the simplest form such as the cleaned lines fireplace. When coffee table is too common, you can place gray ottoman among the gray chairs and sofas. Leather materials make the furniture look expensive.

Captivating Gray Living Room with Dust Sofabed on Wooden Floor close Glass Window

Eclectic room can select gray variations as the theme. All mounted shelves in industrious touch are beautifully fit with vintage sofa in gray with skirt. Vintage leaves painting framed in classic frames can beautify the gray wall with classy arrangement. Natural accent like yellow orchid gives incredible spark inside the gray room. Gray living room paint isn’t forever drab, is it?

Alluring Sofa inside Big Window and Two Painting in Cozy Gray Living Room

Attractive Gray Living Room with Cozy Sofa inside Small Storage plus High Mirror

Classy Large Glass Window in Gray Living Room with Pleasant Sofa facing Circle Table

Faboulus Decorations Accessories in Gray Living Room with Dust Sofabed Facing Black Table

Fascinating Gray Living Room with Black sofa inside Glass Window in White Wall

Gray Living Room Ideas with Modern fireplace facing Pleasant Sofa near Wooden Table

Modern Gray Living Room with Lovely Sofa near White Table Plus White Curtain

Multicolored Pillow on Black Sofabed Close Calm Wall in Gray Living Room Desaign

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