Guide to Indoor Basketball Court and Floor Tips

Having your own indoor basketball court as part of your home floor plan surely is an advantage that is good for your lifestyle. However, it goes without saying that your home must have what is necessary for an ideal indoor court or gym. Today, we will briefly explain some important things about indoor court and floor you have to know.

Amazing Space of Sport Designed using Glorious Indoor Basketball Court on Sleek Wooden Floor

For your home indoor basketball court, the floor must pass four tests summarized in DIN or Deutsches Institut fur Normung. The tests are ball deflection, shock absorption, vertical deflection, and area deflection. The indoor court floor choice should pass those tests to be considered DIN Certified. This certification is important as a performance industry scale with industry standard to ensure that you are always comparing only apples to apples.

When you begin working on the indoor gym, including basketball court in home, you must do these things before installing the floor: make sure all masonry is complete, all marble, tile, painting, and plaster is complete, all overhead work is done, the building is weather tight and enclosed, concrete sub-floors are at 1/8” 10’ and dry and clean, maintaining temperature of 65 degree Fahrenheit for one week, humidity is kept between 35 and 50 percent, and all permanent ventilation, light, and heat are installed and operating.

Breathtaking and Modern Nuance of Indoor Basketball Court Accented by Cool Navy Colors on Wall

Last but not least, do not forget to perform proper regular maintenance to preserve the quality and functionality of the floor. Every day, sweep the floor with a properly treated dust mop. Whenever you spot moisture or any spills, wipe them up immediately from the floor surface. Properly functioned heating/air conditioning/ventilating system is important to maintain indoor humidity level. During wet weather, inspecting for shrinkage or tightening is highly important and make sure you also check for water leakage around windows and doors. Therefore, you can maximize the home indoor basketball court plans for your healthy lifestyle.

Astounding Indoor Basketball Court Designed with Hardwood Laminate Flooring and White Painted Ceiling

Bright White Painted Wall of Indoor Basketball Court Combined with Hardwood Laminate Flooring

Exciting Lighting Created inside Indoor Basketball Court Which is Completed with Glass Panels

Fabulous Lighting of Indoor Basketball Court Hung on Wooden Cladding by Antique Lamps

Impressive Wooden Flooring Covering Indoor Basketball Court with Tiled Wall and Ceiling Colored in White

Marvelous Indoor Basketball Court with Bright Lighting Coming from Simple Styled Pendant Lamp

Simple and Minimalist Decoration of Indoor Basketball Court with Hardwood Flooring and Bright Lighting

Wonderful Wooden Cladding Covering Wall of Indoor Basketball Court Combined with Solid Wall in White

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