Hanging Wicker Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Extra Sitting

Still having more space for extra sitting, it is good for you to add a hanging wicker chair. The chair offers you with the best spot to relax. It can be indoor and outdoor. You can have it at the corner of your living room where a book shelf standing nearby. You can also add it at the backyard, porch or patio. Reading some books sitting on it is a nice job. You can also do something you love while sitting on it.

Modern Interior Room Design with Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair plus Comfortable White Seat

There are some types of the wicker chair design. They are the hanging wicker chair with stand and one without stand. With stand, this chair is portable. It can be moved from inside to outside the house or vice versa. In other hand, without stand, the seat seems to be more permanent. Inside the house, it hangs from the ceiling. Outside the house it can hang from a tree branch. With its dynamic moves, it looks also more relaxing than the chair with stand.

Most of the wicker chair is in an egg like design. Egg shape is the basic design and it is improved to be more stylish look. Custom designs are available. Commonly, this hanging chair is made from rattan. This material is strong enough to support us. It is also durable enough because it is flexible. Appearing in its natural look, rattan can work with any home interior and exterior. Finished with certain color such as black or white, it appears more captivatingly in this modern era.

Chic Backyard Decoration with Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair in Brown Combine with Chain

For more comfortable experience, this suspended chair is usually completed with mattress for the seat and back and pillows. White, red, stripped, patterned mattress also offer more stunning look to support the home decoration. Look at the pictures and imagine what a nice experience sitting on a hanging wicker egg chair with stand or without stand both inside and outside your home.

Adorable Design of Hanging Wicker Chair Made of Wooden Material with Black Seat

Cool Design of Hanging Wicker Chair Made of Rattan Material with Square Seat

Cool Frontyard Exterior Design with Black Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair with Tufted Seat

Fantastic Design of Hanging Wicker Chair made of Rattan Material with Blue Pillow

Perfect Interior Room Design with Twin Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair plus Fur Seat

Perfect Outdor Decoration with Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair also Soft Seat plus Pillow

Simple Idea of Rattan Hanging Wicker Chair in Brown Color with Strong Chain

Unique Outdoor Decoration with Black Hanging Wicker Chair also Red Seat plus Pillow

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