Hardwood Floor Colors to Modernize Various Indoor Rooms

Varied shades of hardwood floor colors are easy to find within these days. Made from different kinds of woods, surely the colors they give will be different too. For example is the wooden flooring of the fancy dining room in the first picture. It is sleek in dark brown, covering all the corners of the room. In the middle of the dining room, stands a medium wooden dining table. To accompany its presence, several green and white dining chairs are also provided. To help the white walls giving brighter impression, some large paneled windows and doors are added. Check out the modern hanging pendant above the dining table too. Isn’t it pretty?

Awesome Furniture on Hardwood Floor Colors and Glass Window near High Wooden Bookselve

The second picture is a space of living room with no furniture. You can see how the wallpapered walls blend with the wooden paneled walls. The same woods create built-in fireplace and glossy flooring to. It has lighter color than the previous one, inducing warmer atmosphere around the area. You can put the furniture for the living room like what you can see in the next picture. On the darker hardwood floor, a leather armed sofa stands near the corner of the room. A large wooden cabinet is provided too, along with giant windows on the white walls. Let’s see the other hardwood floor colors pictures for more references.

Now we are in a spacious dining room with minimalist design. The floor is made from hardwood, toned in bright brown. To match its presence, white walls and ceiling are chosen, exuding modernity too. The wooden dining table is added in the middle of the room, accompanied by some wooden dining chairs. Further back there, a tufted armed sofa and its table is seen. If you want another exclusive touch, you can change the dining table into the black one. As we all know, darker colors can automatically showing contemporary looks.

Classy Hardwood Floor Colors in Rustic Room with Small Fireplace close Nice Wallpaper

The last one is a modern kitchen with rustic wooden flooring. Take a look at the motif and coloration that the floor has. Similar looks are found also on the barstools legs and kitchen table. The barstools have white seat and backseat, just like the other kitchen cabinetry and walls. Large cupboards, drawers, and kitchen equipment are given, together with large windows across the contemporary kitchen. Enjoy the hardwood flooring colors pictures, and hopefully you are totally inspired.

Faboulus Sleeky Hardwood Floor Colors for Lovely Dining Space with Chic Pednant Lamp

Fascinating Furniture on Calm Hardwood Floor Colors with White Sofa and Glass Window

Great Sofa plus Cushions on Chic Hardwood Floor Colors in Big living Space

Rustic Table Plus Kitchen Stools on Nice Hardwood Floor Colors near Glass Window

Simple Sleeky Hardwood Floor Colors with Wooden Chair near Pure White Wall Paint

Streaky Hardwood Floor Colors in Great Home with Pure Wall and Big Pillar

Stunning Dining Chair on Hardwood Floor Colors under Pednant Lamp plus Glass Window

Alluring Relaxing Room Desaign with Classy Hardwood Floor Colors facing Large Glass Door

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