How to Get Your Dining Room Area Rugs Right

Laying dining room area rugs means incorporating not only decorative element into the room, but also adding functionality to your dining space. Considering the importance of area rugs for dining room functionally and aesthetically, it’s important to choose the right ones and use them the right way. Follow these tips to guide you in doing so!

Appealing Sining Room Area Rugs with Black Table also Chairs plush Fresh Flowers

Ideally, the dining room area rug placement should spare 24” of minimum extra room on all sides of the dining room table. This way, occupants can have enough space to pull out chairs without having to trip over the rug even wider rug border is better. To ensure the right placement, the right dining room rug size is thus important. Make sure you measure the dining room table first and add at least 24” on every side. Mark the rug area on the floor directly with painter’s tape to guide you, making sure the rug doesn’t fall inside the other dining furniture, such as bar cart and buffet table.

It goes without saying that your dining room rug should be able to fit your lifestyle well. With spills are inevitable in the room and you need to pull the dining chair back easily, opt for low-pile or flat-weave rugs for practicality instead of shag rugs and Moroccan carpets. Flat-weave or low-pile area rugs are much easier to clean and maintain. Well, speaking of cleaning the rug, make the work even much easier by choosing ones with easy-to-clean materials, such as cotton and wool.

Simple Dining Room Area Rugs Decoration with Round Glass Table also Black Wooden Chair

For aesthetic purpose, have your area rug shape matching the shape of the room. This will help bringing the pleasing feeling of order to the room. Alternatively, take a look at the shape of your dining room table as a cue. Square or round rugs are great to match round dining tables. On the other hand, the right dining room rug placement and rectangular rugs will complement the design of a dining area with oval and rectangular tables.

Captivating Dining Room Area Rugs with Hunky Furniture of Wooden table also Chair

Cute Interior Design of Dining Room Area Rugs with Rectangle Wooden Table also Chairs

Lavish Decoration of Dining Room Area Rugs with Table also Chairs plus Chic Cupboard

Minimalist Interior Design of Dining Room Area Rugs with Brown Wooden Table also Chairs

Smart Interior Design Ideas of Dining Room Area Rugs with Wooden Table also Chairs

Adorable Dining Room Rugs with Dark Brown Table also Chairs plus Crystal Chandelier

Affordable Dining Area Rugs with Wooden Table also White Chairs plus Black Chandelier

Angelic Carpet in Brown with Flowery Design under Table for Dining Room Area Rugs

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