Japanese Garden Design Encompassing Simplicity and Harmony

Even though the Japanese garden design is renowned for its simple and minimalist appearance, it is actually a diverse lot that is unified by key characteristics. Aside from its less-is-more appeal, Japanese garden is also favored for its calm and tranquil appearance. Today, we will take you to see beautiful Japanese inspired garden design style and how to create one. Check them out!

Cool Backyard in Japanese Garden Design with Small Patio also Pond with Rocks

At the heart, Japanese garden design ideas share several key characteristics, but it seems like balanced asymmetry is the favored one over perfect symmetry. Through careful yet contrasting objects and plants placement of different textures, forms, and sizes, the garden layout thus achieves its harmony. In the end, minimalism plays an important key for Japanese style garden; even the smallest garden is left un-busy, with space between design elements and objects essential to the whole design.

The choice of plant in Japanese gardens is considerably restrained. Plants such as bamboo, irises, and grasses provide verticals, while kinds of camellias, rhododendrons, and peonies are used for form and flower. To be precise, you can take a look at the inspiring Japanese garden designs for your reference, such as n this garden where cherry trees and their sprightly blossoms, which are celebrated for centuries as iconic plant of Japanese garden, is made focal point with rectangular garden path blocks creating informal stepping stones.

Fantastic Japanese garden Design with Scupture also Plants and Tress also Green Grasses

Rather than being a place enjoyed only for leisure, Japanese gardens are designed to offer visual arrangements for contemplation instead. This is also renowned for being Zen gardens. Natural stones are used, even though modern gardens opt for stone or concrete with different finishes instead. It is also common even for Japanese garden design ideas for small gardens to feature minimal planting with mosses and lichens only around the base of rocks with water element, such as small pools, in streams or stone containers.

Amazing Decoration of Japanese garden Design with Wooden Path also Trees plus Grasses

Amazing Idea of Japanese Garden Design with Lush Buddist Scupture also Tall Crane

Attractive Idea of Japanese Garden Design with Tall Trees also Grasses and Plants

Cool Path with Rocks also Wood in the Middle of the Japanese Garden Design

Cute Landscape of Japanese Garden Design with Tress also Big Rocks plus Bamboo

Lavish Japanese Garden Design with Various Trees also Concrete Path plus Small Pond

Luxurious Exterior House with Japanese Garden Design with Rock also Small Green Plants

Wonderful Japanese Garden Design with Small Rock also Grasses plus Trees

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