Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas for Different Room Dimensions

The right living room furniture layout means the one to ensure your room feels and looks inviting. Therefore, you can lounge with family, entertain your guests, and do leisure activities in comfort. However, be careful as different living room shapes present different challenges in interior design. Here are the brief tips to help you deal with different room shapes—long, open, and square—well.

Contemporary Family Room Decorated with Minimalist Living Room Furniture Layout on Hardwood Laminate Flooring

With strategic planning, living room furniture layout ideas for a long room can prevent the claustrophobic feel. Use smaller furniture pieces and a variety of them, rather than tossing one sectional sofa and coffee table. This way, the room can be more spacious and unique. Avoid using narrow furniture as it may accentuate the long lines of your living room, making it more like a hallway instead. Take note of outlets, doors, windows, and heaters before planning the layout as their locations may limit furniture placement.

Open living room is indeed recommended for easy entertaining and seamless traffic flow, but keeping the flow open AND efficient is a challenge. To do so, keep the flow around the living room furniture and accessories open. Therefore, room occupants can do different things at once while being together. For smart layout, consider the function. Tie the room together with area rugs and keep furniture pieces off the wall. Sticking with one main interior paint color can help to keep the open spaces in harmony and uncluttered.

Cute Peach Accents at Modern Living Room with Brillian Living Room Furniture Layout on Hardwood Flooring

Creating an inviting mood can be a biggest challenge when you deal with square living rooms as all furniture is shoved up against the walls. This often leaves you problems with seating far away from another. But cornering the furniture to one spot can make the space crowded and awkward. Try floating furniture away from living room walls for your living room furniture placement ideas and fill the rest visually with colorful artworks.

Adorable Red Sofa at Contemporary Sitting Space using Living Room Furniture Layout for Small Space

Attractive Living Room Furniture Layout for Minimalist Space Enhanced with Fabulous Wall Art

Captivating Sofa and Coffee Table at Living Space using Luxurious Living Room Furniture Layout on Wooden Floor

Fascinating L Shaped Sofa at Contemporary Sitting Space with Living Room Furniture Layout

Giant Sized Pendant Lamp at Sitting Space using Minimalist Living Room Furniture Layout

Good Arrangement of Living Room Furniture Layout in Small Space by Applying Sofa Facing Each Other

Prestigious Living Room Furniture Layout by Applying L Shaped Sofa and Comfortable Arm Chairs

Spacious Space of Living Room using Brilliant Living Room Furniture Layout Created on Sleek Wooden Floor

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