Organizing Bedroom Closet Ideas and Tips

There are many interesting bedroom closet ideas you can explore to find one that fits your needs and preferences. There are even abundant ideas of bedroom closet for small room. Even so, it is always best to stick with basics first so you can figure out how much storage capacity you need and what configuration and closet organization that fits you.

Fascinating Modern Ball Chair Nuance in White and Black Created to Enhance Bedroom Closet Ideas

Always make sure you get the most out of the closet first before you even consider buying bulky armoires or dressers. One of bedroom closet organization ideas and tips here is especially true when it comes to the hanging space. Always analyze what you want to keep in your bedroom storage closet before you even start drawing up the plans. Figure out where rods can be installed and calculate how much space suits and dresses consume versus jackets and shirts. Full-length vertical space is required for longer items. You can extend the amount of clothes to hang by hanging two sets of rods.

Another consideration is the items you need to access everyday versus items you access only every few months. The more frequent the items are used, make sure you put them on spaces you can access easily. For example, your favorite canvas shoes are supposed to be front and center while your Louboutins can be stored in the boxes on the upper shelf as you wear them only for special occasions.

Appealing Bedroom Closet Ideas in Small Space Decorated with Cream Painted Wall and Creamy Rug

Minimizing the use of drawer units is also recommended. Instead, opt for open shelving units for, let’s say, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Drawers are more recommended for items that do not fold well, such as underwear, socks, and bras. Ties and belts are also ideally stored inside the drawers. Use individual cubbies to organize shoes. Consider these basic closet organization tips to help you developing your own bedroom closet design ideas that can provide everything you need from bedroom storage unit.

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