Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and How to Site It Right

When you explore the outdoor kitchen ideas, one question is likely to pop in your head: Where is the “right” spot for outdoor kitchen? In fact, there’s no right space for one as there are many factors to consider when deciding the best spot for outdoor kitchen that works for you.

Awesome Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Stone Flooring and Illuminated by Modern Hanging Lamp

The most popular outdoor kitchen ideas designs are most likely those located close to the house as the house itself manages natural shelter for this outdoor room. The walls shield outdoor kitchen appliances from sun and wind. It is also easy to expand a roof overhang or add attached pergola or any overhead structure for protection from snow and rain. Apart from that, running utility lines from the main house to your outdoor kitchen can be less expensive as well. When this is the type of outdoor kitchen design you prefer, consider the proximity to doors and windows so the inside of home wouldn’t smell like a smokehouse.

But if go for far-flung spots, it’s not a bad idea anyway, especially if you don’t require moving back and forth to your indoor kitchen. Plan the kitchen with more storage capacity to keep essentials required to make working on your outdoor kitchen simply convenience. Install a kitchen sink too so you don’t need to run inside whenever you need to rinse the hands.

Old Fashioned Kitchen Chairs Combined with Classic Table at Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on Concrete Floor

Always check with the local building department to learn about setbacks, fire safety, regulations regarding how close the property line can be built, and what type of permits required to file. Even if building right up to the property line is possible, you may need to reconsider. Evaluate privacy, smoke, and noise issues from your neighbor’s standpoint—simply put, just be more considerate. Do not forget to light outdoor kitchen adequately. In the end, it is a workspace you plan to build. The outdoor lighting as part of the covered outdoor kitchen design ideas should cover the surrounding areas such as pathways and steps too.

Captivating Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Dining Space and TV Placed above Classic Fireplace

Classic Style of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Installed under Wooden Pergola and Completed with Fireplace

Excellent Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Decorated with Dining Space beside It with Wooden Dining Furniture

Fabulous Wooden Pergola Covering the Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Small Sink and Faucet

Inspiring Outdoor Lamp Enlightening Glorious Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Completed with Outdoor Dining Space

Refreshing Spheres Surrounding the Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Coming from Natural Green Plants and Trees

Remarkable Stone Wall of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Designed with Silver Kitchen Countertop

Wonderful Lighting for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on Striped Flooring Completed with Simple Wooden Stools

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