Painted Brick Houses Exude Natural Look to Blend with Environment

Have you ever wonder what if you have painted brick houses in the middle of the forest? Natural paint that you choose for your exterior can blend your house around the extraordinary environment. If you don’t like to have your house painted in green or brown, beige can be an alternative. Take a look at the first picture here. A big house with beige brick exterior is supported by triangular black roof. Lots of windows on the wall are completed with shutters. The great entrance is placed right towards the forest, letting you enjoy the best scene that you ever found.

Comely Painted Brick Houses with Lavish Paint Color as Exterior Wall Decoration Ideas

Similar color is chosen to color the second house. Layered triangular roof of this fancy house is also colored in dark. The exterior has large windows with shutters, but since the windows are larger, the amount is less than the previous one. See the spacious concrete patio and its varied green plants. Aren’t they blended with the painted exterior brick houses well? Imagine how beautiful this house can be in winter times.

The next bricked house combines sandy walls and bricked walls together. This compact house has medium terrace on its side, completed with simple white fence. Built in a sloping land doesn’t make this dwelling less interesting. Unique triangular roof that it has makes you cannot dislike its appearance. Compare with the fourth house in the next photo. Single triangular roof is elongated on top of this modern house. A very simple compact design of the residence is covered in grey exterior walls. Several windows are seen, helping you to get better sunlight inside the house. Supportive environment with lots of plants and large road in front of the house are just very perfect.

Cute Exterior Design Ideas with Good Painted Brick House in Black Color Style

Last is again a comfortable house in the middle of the forest. But this time, the exterior wall has a more yellowish beige color. The bricked wall can be found on the level 1 exterior, while the second storey has horizontal woods to create itself. On the lower walls, two big windows are provided. 5 medium windows with navy blue shutters are available on the second level. A few steps of staircase on the front yard will take you to the entrance after the path. See the detached garage in country design beside the house. Do you agree that the pictures of exterior painted brick houses here are great?

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