Polished Concrete Floors Supporting Home Interior

After so long time, polished concrete floors are popular again. Many people currently pay attention to the affordability of implementing concrete floor. Building your home interior on a budget, this sort of floor saves your money effectively. You do not need to buy any floor materials such as wood, ceramic or even marble. What you need to do is creating simple DIY flooring by using concrete and then finishing it with glossy touch.

Attractive Interior Room Design Idea with Polished Concrete Floors also Small Natural Stones

There are some tips that you can find in building polished concrete floors DIY. After working for the concrete floor, you should clean it from any coatings and sealers. Then, you can begin the polishing by applying initial grinding using metal bond diamond abrasives. It offers final smoothing. After that, it is the time to make sure the density of the concrete. You can apply any liquid chemical hardener. The harder the concrete is the better product you will get. The main action is the final polish. Based on your need, you can polish it in certain numbers of lapping. Then, the last step is to protect the floor by using stain guard product.

As you can see at these some photos, there are two main styles of concrete flooring. It can be in a plain or stained design. Glossy plain flooring offers an easy to clean look. It looks great to match the white wall painting. For more stylish look, stain or pattern is created. Even, you can also make some lines that create rectangular or square pattern. At a glance, stained and patterned concrete floor seems like a ceramic floor.

Charming Design of Polished Concrete Floors to Decorate Indoor House with Natural Stones

Concrete is durable enough so that it can stay both inside and outside the house. You can invite this flooring for the porch, backyard and patio. However, some people may say that polished concrete floors do it yourself is not suitable for some parts of home exterior because the untreated concrete floors may be better.

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