Popular Eco Friendly Flooring Options to Consider

Today, your beautiful home interior can go greener or environmentally friendly with these eco friendly flooring types worth to consider and install. Here are the popular environmentally friendly flooring types for your home!

Sleek Eco Friendly Flooring Design Ideas Made of Wooden Material in Brown Color

Bamboo flooring is one of eco friendly flooring options that are also known as an alternative to wood floor tile. Originally made of grass-type plants, bamboo flooring is durable and easy to maintain. It is also easy to install. Compared to hardwood flooring, bamboo is greener since the vegetation itself can grow to maturity only in 3 to 5 years. Another relatively new flooring option for home interior is cork. Cork flooring is harvested from bark of cork oak tree commonly found in Mediterranean forests. Just like bamboo, it takes shorter time to harvest cork, especially since the trees aren’t cut down to harvest the bark required to create cork.

Concrete flooring gets even more and more popular and usually is used as sub-flooring at home. With polished concrete flooring, homeowners don’t need to add traditional flooring installed over concrete, especially with tinted concrete floor. It is obvious this flooring type is extremely durable, not to mention that it doesn’t need to be replaced at all. For more unique visual appeal, there is glass tile flooring that resists mildew and mold, even in moist environment. There are almost limited color options and can reflect light to add extra layer of light you may need to brighten up the space.

Ravishing Kitchen Interior Design Ideas with Brown Wooden Cabinet also Eco Friendly Flooring

Last but not least, there is linoleum flooring that went to popularity in the 1940s along with the introduction of vinyl floor type. With its return to popularity, linoleum now is available in more color options, including bright vibrant hues. One of environmentally friendly flooring options here also has new surface sealer, making it stain resistant and easy to clean.

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