Practical Toilet Paper Holder and Storage Ideas

The stock toilet paper holder is not the only bathroom organization you can use when it comes to storage and organizing the piles of toilet paper in the room. Today, we will show you some creative ideas for toilet paper storage you definitely shouldn’t miss. Even better, some of these ideas are DIY toilet paper holders you can make from materials you can find at home!

Lush Design of Toilet Paper Holder Ideas made of Iron Material in Black

To store your spare toilet paper, baskets are always great toilet paper holder ideas worth to try. They are simply practical and available in various options with interesting designs. Starting from wicker baskets to wire one, the options are nearly endless. There are various basket sizes to fit even in the small gap between your floating vanity and bathroom floor! For you who have to deal with a small bathroom, you can try mounting the basket over the water closet to help saving space.

Speaking of small bathroom, it is always a good idea to optimize the vertical space when it comes to tossing in bath storage unit. If you have enough empty wall area, why don’t you transform it to be both more decorative and functional? Try this mounted toilet paper storage idea that allows you to add more interesting look in the room while making the spare toilet paper easy to grab when needed!

Beautiful Design of Toilet Paper Holder with Chrome Finishing in Black and Silver

Rather than buying new toilet roll holder, what about pimping up the one you already have? You can do this simply by applying a few coats of fresh paint color! Try the polka dot patterns to add more fun and exciting detail in the room. Alternatively, you can go to thrift store or flea markets for vintage racks or stands you can transform into the brand-new ones for another affordable toilet paper holder craft ideas worth to try.

Astonishing Toilet Paper Holder on Wall Made of Plastic Material Colored in White

Awful Toilet Paper Holder Ideas in Roll Shape Design made of Black Rope

Fantastic Toilet Paper Holder Model Made of Stainless Steel Material Attach to the Wall

Minimalist Model of Toilet Paper Holder in Black Color made of Metal Material

Modern Toilet Paper Holder Ideas in Camera Shape Design in Black and White

Nice Toilet Paper Holder Design Ideas Finishing with Chrome in Gold and Silver Color

Unique Design of Toilet Paper Holder with Statue of Batman in Black Color

Wonderful Toilet Paper Holder Made of Iron also Wooden Material Install on Wall

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