Shower Glass Panel Ideas for a Small Bathroom at Your House

Lots of shower glass panel designs offered by different designers. Come in varied sizes and materials, surely complicates you in choosing the best one. Take a look at this first picture of a modern bathroom shower panel. It is placed in a corner, on black granite flooring. The shower panel has slim rectangular shape, completed with white built-in flooring inside the shower area. A great chromed shower is attached on the wall. The walls themselves are varied. One side of the wall has grey marble appearance, while the other one is painted in bright teal.

Alluring Glossy Shower Glass Panel close Blue Wall Paint on Nice Large Floor

The next one in the second picture is just different. Although it is attached on the beige walls, it has its own shower glass wall panel colored in white. Combined with the transparent glass wall, you can see what is inside the shower box. As its floor are arranged tiles with bright tone applied. A chromed shower and hanger are added inside the shower box. If you want to have a bathtub, put it right next to the shower panel. White bathtub will blend very well with the coloration of this modern lavatory.

Another interesting bathroom is found in the next image. For the shower box, the walls are cover with stony tiles in warm tone. To match the appearance, the tiled flooring is coming in the same coloration too. Designed in square, the shower box is supported also by glass wall, right next to a modern bathtub. Compare the ideas with the next image of another bathroom given. No special tiles for the shower box, just the same type with the tiles which are covering the whole bathroom walls. Through the glass wall, you can see what is inside of the shower box. It has two types of tiles: small tiles on the upper side, and larger tiles on the lower part. A bathtub is also provided next to the shower box.

Appealing Area with Big Shower Glass Panel close Great Bathub on Nice Floor

The last one is the largest shower box we will examine today. No additional floor found inside the shower box, just the same one with what you can find at the outside. All the walls are beige, and the glass walls are added in one corner of the bathroom. Large size of the box will give you more spaces to move around inside. Only a small and simple chromed shower is added, while on the outside you can see big chromed towel rack is attached on the wall. A wooden floating bathroom vanity is added on the other side of the lavatory. Completed with white vessel sink and giant mirror, how can you deny the modernity of the bathroom? Decide one box that fits you most, and check out the glass shower wall panel prices on the nearest store.

Bewitching Nickel Wall Desaign and Small Shower Glass Panel on Cute White Bathub

Captiveting Details Shower Glass Panel Desaign for Modern Bathroom with Nice Bathub Color

Cute Small Shower Glass Panel with Small Tile Floor close Calm Wall Paint

Exellent Ceramics Wall and Shower Glass Panel near Big Bathub on Tile Floor

Great Desaign Shower Glass Panel near Floating Wooden Navity under Large Classy Mirror

Luminious Space with Aquamarine Wall paint and High Shower Glass Panel on Pure Floor

Ordinary Shower Glass Panel for Big Bathroom with Simple Bathub under White Window

Usual Shower Glass Panel for Big Bathroom with Chic Wall on Black Floor

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