Simple Glass Door Refrigerator Use for a Small Living Space

If you are living in a small house with limited spaces, here is the glass door refrigerator presented for you. Its clear appearance with simple design will let you having a perfect environment without taking any other spots. You can put your small refrigerator in the corner of your kitchen, and fill the refrigerator with various veggies and fruits in different colors. Whenever you shut the refrigerator’s door, you still can enjoy the colorful look given from the inner cooling part. Let’s check out for further ideas.

Spacious Kitchen with Long Oak Counter and White Farmhouse Sink near High Glass Door Refrigerator

See the first image. A small refrigerator with single glass door stands in a corner of a small kitchen. It has silver metallic body which is easy to blend with any theme of the kitchens. Some racks are seen through the small glass door refrigerator. Completed with white lamp inside, you can easily find what you want to find inside the cooling storage. Look how the refrigerator accompanied perfectly with the white and tiled walls and wooden flooring. Aren’t they nice?

To place it in a modern kitchen, you can move to the second image given. Luxurious metallic body of the refrigerator accommodates the sleek clear glass door perfectly. Built beneath them is glossy wooden flooring. Several kitchen vanities with contemporary design are available to use too. But, if you need more spaces for storage, you can use a bigger refrigerator like what you can find in the next picture. This picture shows you a modest metallic refrigerator with two doors; one with glass and the other is simply solid in sleek silver. Take a look at the drawers it provides, don’t you think the storage ideas are smart?

Mesmerizing Teak Counter and Glass Door Refrigerator facing Wide Wooden Kitchen on Brown Flooring

The next picture shows a small kitchen with lots of white domination. In a corner, a two-door refrigerator with clear glass covers stands fitly. This kind of refrigerator is perfect for you to keep some drinks and show them off to your guests. Enjoy the simple white kitchen cabinets next to it, supported by built-in LED lights. However, to stand within the contemporary, you can apply the ideas given by the last picture. See how the twin-glass-door refrigerator makes the last modern kitchen looks even more fabulous. Varied foods and drinks are tidy arranged inside it. You can enjoy their colorful looks from the modern wooden dining table right across it. Now, have you decided which small glass door refrigerator for home that should be yours?

Brilliant Kitchen Interior with Glossy Countertop and Industrial Glass Door Refrigerator facing Small Dining Space

Tiny Open Breakfast Nook near Stylish Glass Door Refrigerator with Glossy Handles and Industrial Look

Small Glass Door Refrigerator in Long Teak Counter inside Stylish Bar with Wooden Bar Counter

Superb Industrial Glass Door Refrigerator inside Old Fashioned Kitchen with Wooden Shelves and Oak Chair

Modern Industrial Glass Door Refrigerator between White Counters and Shelves inside Comfy Kitchen

Awesome Grey Counter and Cabinets for Old Fashioned Kitchen with Wide Glass Door Refrigerator

Cool Handle for Glass Door Refrigerator in Comfortable Kitchen with Wooden Counter and Grey Countertop

Gorgeous Kitchen with Classic White Counter and Cabinets beside Glass Door Refrigerator on Laminate Flooring

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