Sleek Grey Hardwood Floors to Exude Maximum Modernity

Cozy and modern house won’t be perfect without the existence of grey hardwood floors inside. For you who like to live in simple modernity, you should try some ideas given by pictures below. Let’s begin with a small part of a modern kitchen. The first image shows a limited part of a white kitchen completed with white kitchen island and some white dining chairs. Next to the kitchen island is a built-in office table. See how the white furniture and the grey wooden flooring mixed beautifully.

Appealing Sofas and Round Table in Cozy Living Area with Dark Fireplace on Grey Hardwood Floors

Move to another image, you will see another corner that might be created in your dwelling. A spot supported with modern white chair and an elongated white cabinet fill the house nicely. The walls are paneled in white color too, while the floor is showing itself in sleek grey tone. Not only for a contemporary one, but grayish flooring can also be matched to a traditional house too. The third image will show you how. It has some upholstered sofas with cushions and a rounded table to fulfill the furniture ideas. All of the stuff stands on classic grey wooden floor. As you can see, white walls make the room looks perfect. What about the other pictures of grey hardwood floors?

The next one is a spacious house with spacious modern kitchen too. The walls are overall clean in white. See the cornered kitchen over there. A huge set of wooden kitchen cabinetry is applied. It shows wooden cornered kitchen cabinetry and a big kitchen island together stand on simple wooden flooring. For the lamps, some built-in LED lights are applied under the mounting cabinetry, while on the ceiling you can see other 4 built-in lamps applied too.

Stylish Sitting Area using Grey Hardwood Floors under Round Ottoman and Grey Sectional Sofa

Now is the last picture of an amazing modern living room. A set of sectional cornered sofa is colored in white, accompanied by other two single sofas. A rounded table stands in the middle of the room, across three sets of huge windows. 6 panels of purple paintings are completing the luxurious white walls under the simple ceiling. And the modern dark grey flooring makes the room looks even better. Enjoy the provided photos of grey hardwood floors, hopefully you are inspired.

Spacious Room with White Shelves and Comfy White Chair on Grey Hardwood Floors near White Wall

Modern Kitchen using Grey Hardwood Floors under Long White Bar Counter and White Lather Chairs

Alluring Kitchen with Classic Oak Counter and Wide Island on Grey Hardwood Floors under Bright Lighting

Comfy Dining Space using Grey Hardwood Floors with Grey Chairs and Cream Wingchair around Oak Table

Fluffy Sofas and Round Marble Top Table inside Traditional Sitting Room with Grey Hardwood Floors

Unique Grey Hardwood Floors for Extraordinary Dining Space with Metal Chair and Grey Table

Wonderful Kitchen and Dining Room with Long Island and Dark Dining Table on Grey Hardwood Floors

Wide Bathroom using Grey Hardwood Floors with Teak Bathtub and Open Shower Space beside Wooden Wall

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