Small Bathroom Vanity in Various Designs for Modern Life

Tired of large bathroom vanity means you need small bathroom vanity in your house. Large vanity sometimes helps a lot with lots of storage it provides. However, large vanity means you need larger spaces too. Today we will take a look at some small vanity for your bathroom, but still won’t reduce your modern lifestyle. The first one comes from a beautiful bathroom with small wall divider on its center. On that wall, you can see a medium framed mirror is attached. Beneath the mirror is a single wooden bathroom vanity with single built-in sink among white granite countertop. Light olive tone is chosen to color the walls. Now you have a very beauty modern bathroom.

Perfect Design of Small Bathroom Vanity with White Single Sink also Minimalist Faucet

The second bathroom in the second photo shows a very contemporary red floating bathroom vanity. See how the red combined with grey wall perfectly. The vanity offers small cupboards, drawers, and twin white vessel sinks a few centimeters from the floor. Check out also the mounted red racks and twin mirrors among them. You can add simple lighting on each mirror for perfection. And to complete the small bathroom vanity ideas, the designer put floor to ceiling windows on each corner of the bathroom. Those windows give natural lighting also pure decorations.

Similar but different concept can be found in the next image of this article. This time, the small bathroom has wooden floating vanity. No drawers or cupboards found on its body, but you still can enjoy the presence of built-in white sink and its chromed faucet. Large mirror with wooden frames are added above the sink. Also a modern tall wooden storage is provided next to them. Now you can keep your small bathroom utilities tidily and find them easily when needed. Paneled grey walls and wooden floor of the tiny area are also nice to enjoy, aren’t they?

Terrible Hanging Wooden Small Bathroom Vanity Attach on the Wall with White Sink

Another very small vanity is given in the fourth bathroom. Dominated in white and grey, this bathroom gives you modern white bathroom vanity in small size. It provides only single drawer and small rounded vessel sink on its top. An oval framed mirror is attached on the grey wall right above the sink, while a white toilet sits properly next to it. Add some mounted racks to give you more spaces for storage without enlarging the vanity. Check out the similar ideas also in the last image. This time the bathroom has brown domination with a little touch of white on the small vanity. Large tiles of the floor are colored in very dark brown and match the lighter brown tone of the walls. The white vessel sink is also matching with the white tone of the vanity. Aren’t the tiny bathroom vanity ideas given amazing?

Awful Hanging Style of Small Bathroom Vanity in Brown Color with Double Sink

Excellent Design of Small Bathroom Vanity with One Drawer also Stainless Steel Sink

Lavish Design of Small Bathroom Vanity in Hanging Style Made of Wooden Material

Modern Design of Small Bathroom Vanity by IKEA with White Round Sink Idea

Simple Hanging Small Bathroom Vanity Made of Wooden Material with White Square Sink

Stylish Design of White Small Bathroom Vanity Made of Wooden also Glass Material

Smart Idea of Small Bathroom Vanity Made of Wooden Material with Granite Countertop

Wonderful Design of Small Bathroom Vanity in White with Black countertop and Sink

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