Square vs Round Kitchen Tables: What to Choose?

What to choose between square and round kitchen tables? That is probably the question you have to ask yourself when making decision for kitchen or dining room table to complement the design and function of the room. Today, we will share everything about both table shape options to help you making the right decision. Check them out!

Grand Design of Black and White Round Kitchen Tables also Chairs also Drawer

Homeowners with square dining rooms will find square tables the most suitable option as they can find the proportion and balance maintained symmetrically. Square dining tables usually seat 4 to 8 persons and are not too large or too small. If you often serve for 4 persons, square table is more likely the best choice. It is also a good choice to make conversation relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, round kitchen tables and chairs are most suitable for small dining rooms. They can create a warm and friendly atmosphere too. The absence of sharp edges makes round tables a great choice for a family with little children.

However, remember that each one of them has its own disadvantages too. Square kitchen tables, for example, don’t fit in rectangular room as they can make the space feel crowded. Dining room furniture arrangement with square table creates an awkward layout too. As for the round tables, they can pose hazards especially the pedestal round tables. To avoid this risk, make sure leaning on the table first and apply pressure to see how steady and sturdy the table is.

Homely Dining Room Decoration with Round Kitchen Tables also Fresh Flowers on Vase

It doesn’t really matter which dining or kitchen table shape you choose as you follow the space and size guidelines. Spare at least 24” between the walls on all sides and table so occupants can get up and down easily. If you want to create a walkway around your table, expand to at least 38” clearance. Determine how many people to serve and allow 24” between chairs. So, which one among square and circular kitchen tables and chairs you choose?

Delicate Chandelier with White Bell Shade above Wooden Round Kitchen Tables and Chairs

Lovely Design of Round Kitchen Tables made of Black Glass Top plush Chrome Legs

Magnificent Dining Room Furniture Idea with Chairs also Round Kitchen Tables plus Cupboard

Minimalist Dining Room Interior Design with Small Round KItchen Tables also Black Chairs

Perfect Dining Room Idea with White Chairs also Round Kitchen Tables plus Chandelier

Simple Dining Room Interior Design with Brown Wooden Chairs also round Kitchen Tables

Stylish Design of Wooden Round Kitchen Tables also Black Chairs plus White Seat

Windsome Glass Round Kitchen Tables also Lush Chairs plus Chandelier with Bell Shade

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