Standard Counter Height for Kitchen Furniture Efficiency

Deciding good standard counter height is a crucial aspect that everybody should consider when they are optimizing kitchen space at home. This imperative aspect may influence the whole efficiency of the kitchen since it is directly related with the use of furniture in the cooking area. When those important furniture sets are not installed in standard height, you should understand that the effect may cause inefficiency in the room. In this case, the standard height of furniture placed inside the kitchen must be compatible with everyone who lives in the house. Or at least, the kitchen counter height should fit the height of someone who spends the time a lot in the heart of house every day such as a housewife.

Alluring Standard Counter Height Suitable for Kitchen with Marble Countertop inside Glass Door

According to some sources, some furniture manufacturers design their kitchen furniture unit in several available heights. Those standard heights consist of desk, bench, counter and eye-level height. The desk height version itself is made with approximately 28 inches of height. The bench height version offers higher height than the desk height version within 30 to 34 inches of height. The standard counter height stools are designed higher with 38 and 44 inches of height to select. And the last but not least version of standard kitchen furniture height in eye-level has about 58 inches of height to consider.

When the standard height of furniture is started to be planned in your cooking room, it will be more effective to think about the comfortable zone that you will get during working in the room. Generally, this zone of comfortable is found when you are standing with your chest on height between bench top and mounted cupboard installed. Remember also about the kitchen wall cabinet maximum reach height installation. It is because when you are considering about the standard counter height table, it will ease your jobs in the kitchen without causing any hurt on your body.

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