Stone Fireplace Mantels with Chimney

From many fireplace models, one of most favorite is stone fireplace mantels. The houses which are built in four seasons have chimney. This chimney can be seen from the outside house. Then, in the inside, we can see the fireplace. The function of this is keeping the room warm. The temperature when the winter comes is so cold even in some parts of this world has very low temperature. The people can die because of hyperthermia. To solve this problem, the people decide to have fireplace as most important interior in house. Due to a lot of demands of fireplace, the fireplace designers compete to create better and better fireplace design and function.

Captivating Stone Fireplace Mantels close Unique Storage in Calm Wall Paint Desaign Ideas

Let’s take a look. The brick fireplace mantel is favorite choice for modern house. Then, this fireplace is covered by iron wire. It avoids bad thing happens such as your kids play fire on or the fire spreads out of fireplace. In this brick fireplace wall you can put some accents or miniature to increase the room appearance. Just make a wood shelf or brick shelf on that wall. Then, put some accents and miniatures on.

Now, keep on your eye to below the fireplace. There is free fireplace space in stone fireplace mantels surrounds. You can put some candles on it. These candles make this room look romantic. If you don’t like candles you can change to the flowers. Please choose bright yellow colors such as red flower and yellow flower.

Classic Metal Screen for Stone Fireplace Mantels and Beautifull Flower on Black Storage

How do you think about modern fireplace? If you interest in this model, there is modern fireplace in good design. This fireplace is designed with glass fireplace cover. It has designed with high technology system. So, you don’t need to worry if you placed the television nearby this fireplace. You can enjoy watching television with warm sensation. If you like cast fireplace model, you can put television nearby your cast stone fireplace mantels.

Exquisite Living Room with Best stone Fireplace Mantels facing Great Brown Sofa

Interesting Stone Fireplace Design with Chick Artwork and Small Downlight in White Ceiling

Luminious Stone Fireplace Mantels with White Candle and Small Downlight in White Ceiling

Marvelous Chimney Decor with Modern Stone Fireplace Mantels Desaign and Beautifull Red Flower

Modern Stone Fireplace Mantels Ideas facing Cozy Black Sofa on Calm Tile Floor

Monstrous Stone Fireplace Mantels and Best TV between Cute Planter plus Calm Carpet

Stylish Wall Screen TV on Wide Stone Fireplace Mantels with Beautifull Red Flower

Bewitching Stone Fireplace Mantels with Preety Flower and Black Sofa on Calm Carpet

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