Stone Veneer Fireplace to Decorate Your Living Room

Fancy stone veneer fireplace is perfect to be placed in a modern living room. If you have only a regular fireplace now, then maybe you are interested to change yours into this one. It’s simple and modern looks are incredibly beautiful. For further examination, let’s just take a look at them. Are you ready for the exploration? Here we go.

Noble Electric Stone Veneer Firplace with Dark Brown Shelf for Living Room

The first fireplace is able to be found in the first image. Its stone veneer simply goes from floor to the ceiling. Built inside the stony wall, the stone veneer fireplace installation looks very great. It has a wooden floating fireplace mantel with some decorations on top of it. Two modern statues are provided in brown and blue, while in the middle of them you can see a shining light bursting towards the higher stony wall. This is a smart way to install lighting as a decoration. Enjoy your leisure times here by adding some comfortable sofas near the built-in fireplace.

Next is a no less modern fireplace you can see in the second picture. Built in larger size than the previous one, the stony fireplace is also completed by a wooden floating mantel. Only, this time the mantel is shaped into reversed trapezoid. Two small Christmas trees are added on top of it, along with two other decorations. The lamps are built on the ceiling, giving pretty shines towards the top of the fireplace mantel. And if you see another picture here, it has a similar design with wooden trapezoidal fireplace mantel. A large framed picture is placed on the mantel. Brownish stone veneer that you can see is blended with the beige walls, showing warmth and comfort. One or two candles will be a perfect touch for the mantel too. Would you like to try?

Opulent Living Room with Comfortable Sofa also Table plus Grand Stone Veneer Fireplace

However, if you don’t like to veneer all your walls with stones, you can try the ideas given by the fourth and fifth images here. The stones cover only the fireplace side’s area, limited with the mounted wooden mantel. The fifth picture presents you a small built-in fireplace under a wooden mantel which looks very nice. The fifth one is also looking like that, only it has bolder frames in black coloration. Varied statues and pots are placed on the tiny mantel. However, it still looks gorgeous. Now, after deciding which one is the best for you, consider the stone veneer fireplace installation cost, and then you are ready to go.

Charming Living Room Interior Design with Stone Veneer Fireplace plus White Wooden Shelves

Chic Interior Room Design with Stone Veneer Fireplace plus Shelf also Black Box

Classic Stone Veneer Fireplace Design Idea with Wooden Shelf also Black Box

Delicate Stone Veneer Firplace with Black Boxes also Attractive Lighting Fixture Between Windows

Elegant Design of Stone Veneer Fireplace with Wooden Shelf also Black Box Idea

Rustic Stone Veneer Fireplace for Open Room Decoration with Black Box also Shelf

Simple Design of Stone Veneer Fireplace with Square Black Box also Brown Shelf

Unique Room Accessories on the Brown Wooden Shelf of Lush Stone Veneer Fireplace

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