Studio Apartment Design Ideas and Tips to Live Stylishly

Today, we will share some great tips for studio apartment design you definitely never want to miss. It’s true that living in a small living space is indeed challenging, but it doesn’t mean you cannot live stylishly and in comfort. Check out these tips to make your compact living more stylish and awesome!

Adorable Red Accents Coming from Comfortable Lazy Chair Completing Studio Apartment Design

Assigning spaces for both living and entertaining in a studio apartment is probably the biggest challenge as you work on finding the best studio apartment design ideas that fit you. In fact, a distinct area for living, sleeping, and entertaining is even more important in studio apartments. Make sure there is proper living area with sofa, coffee table, and side table, in addition to a place to sit, work, or eat. You may even need to sacrifice some of your bedroom space for a larger entertaining and living area.

Due to its limited space available, keeping the studio apartment interior clutter free is also one important matter to address. For a livable studio without appearing cluttered, multi-purpose furniture pieces are always a welcoming addition. For instance, use a console table placed between the windows to double as dining table for two or occasional laptop desk for home office. You can even use the console as makeup vanity by hanging wall mirror, which surely can double as wall decoration at the same time. For the living area, using stools that can do double-duty is also a good idea. They can function as coffee and side tables, as well as extra seating when necessary.

Amazing Studio Apartment Design Decorated with Comfortable Sofa and Illuminated by Wall Lamp

Never ever hesitate to paint the walls or hang wallpaper, even if you are a renter—but surely you grant permissions from your landlord! By adding personal touch to your studio, you can thus make the living space truly as yours. Even if you cannot paint the walls in any color you like, opt for neutral colors for safe option. Refer to studio apartment design ideas inspiration with white walls and colorful accessories to reflect your taste!

Appealing Wooden Accents for Studio Apartment Design Combined with Beautiful High Drapes

Captivating L Shaped Creamy Sofa on Wooden Flooring of Studio Apartment Design Facing the TV Cabinet

Fabulous Transparent Skylight at Studio Apartment Design in Kitchen Part on Wooden Flooring

Incredible Studio Apartment Design with Wooden Open Cabinet as Wall Divider on Brown Rug

Inspiring Coffee Table on Grey Rug for Studio Apartment Design Coupled with Chic Creamy Sofa

Marvellous Studio Apartment Design Decorated with Wooden Cabinet Facing the Twin Arm Chairs

Neat Interior Arrangements of Studio Apartment Design Installed on Hardwood Laminate Flooring

Stunning Studio Apartment Design by using Comfortable White Lazy Chair on Green Colored Rug

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