Three Bedroom Apartments Designs for Your Perfect Living

Have you ever thinking about applying three bedroom apartments concept into your house? Apartment with small space but let you make comfortable movements as priority is the one that you should have. Here are some layouts of three-bedroom apartments with simple and mostly squared design. Number one is a dazzling apartment with great yard and outdoor staircase towards additional patio. You will pass a hallway and see the kitchen is on the right and the living room is on the left. Further pass the hallway is the kid’s bedroom on your right. It is perfect in green and orange domination with single bed and toy storage. On your left is another small hallway to take you to other two bigger bedrooms. Enjoy the modernity given by the furniture and the lighting.

Cool White Interior Matched with Three Bedroom Apartments Created with Same Bedroom Interior

The next one lets the entrance goes right towards the living room. You can find the kitchen is built right next to the entrance to save more spaces. Two bedrooms are side by side, while the other one is right across them. You can find the doors of the bedrooms if you stand in the living room. Each bedroom has big personal bathroom with bathtub inside. The dining room is small, provided with squared table and 4 chairs right next to the kitchen. This cheap three bedroom apartments design can be developed even more for a house building.

The third image presents small terrace and living room among the entrance. There is a set of small dining table and a modern kitchen merged together in the area of the living room. Two bedrooms are behind the dining room, each is completed with bathroom. Another one bedroom is on the other side of the apartment, also supported by personal bathroom. Bright walls around help this apartment has larger appearance. You can move the kitchen into the corner like what you can see in the next project too if you like. This will let your bedroom moves into the front and add an access to the terrace. The other two bedrooms are able to have terraces to, but their terrace should meet each other at a corner.

Inspiring Three Bedroom Apartments Applied for Twi Story Building and Beautified with Green Turf

Move to the last one, this layout shows an apartment with garden and patio that maybe perfect for your home. The patio and garden are elongated in front; letting two out of three of the bedrooms have fabulous views. The third bedroom is built farthest, letting it has view of the patio outside. This bedroom is the only one which has no personal bathroom. The spacious dining room and the living room are merged next to a great kitchen. Don’t you think this is perfect? Why don’t you visit any cheap three bedroom apartments for rent and learn its basic layout?

Amazing Three Bedroom Apartments Designed with Minimalist and Simple Interior Arrangement

Appealing Three Bedroom Apartments with Minimalist Concept and also Completed with Living and Dining Room

Easy Concept of Layout Arrangement Designed with Three Bedroom Apartments and Living Dining Room

Fabulous Interior Decorations for Three Bedroom Apartments Designed using SImple Concept on Grey Floor

Fascinating Interior Concept by Applying Three Bedroom Apartments Designed with Different Interior for Each Bedroom

Mesmerizing Hardwood Laminate Flooring Covering Apartment with Three Bedroom Apartments Concept

Modern Interior Layout Applying Three Bedroom Apartments Written in Cool Blue Paper of Layout

Spacious Space of Three Bedroom Apartments Designed with Same Interior Created on Grey Flooring

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