Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Properly installed bedroom ceiling lights are a must to supply ambient light in the room. Luckily, there are a wide range of styles and sizes available for your bedroom ceiling light fixture. In general, they can be either hanging or flush-mounted, and the choice depends on the size of your bedroom and the height of the ceiling. Alternatively, you can install the recessed light fixtures for streamlined look.

Divine Design of the Bedroom Ceiling Lights with Neon also Built In Lamps

Flush-mount lights for bedroom ceiling lights ideas are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Even for your small bedroom, it’s not hard to find an attractive choice that fits your bedroom decor perfectly. The choice is usually between semi-flush-mount and close-flush-mount fixture. Semi-flush-mount fixture hangs down a few inches from ceiling and leaves airspace between the fixture and the ceiling, while the close-flush-mount one is placed directly on bedroom ceiling.

Hanging light fixtures are highly recommended for a bedroom which ceiling is higher than 10’. Your choice is usually between bedroom chandeliers and pendant lamps. Chandeliers tend to be larger and heavier, and usually are more ornate than pendant light fixtures. They hang in a branched system. On the contrary, pendant lamps tend to be much simpler in design and hang with a single chain or chord system. There are wide variety of pendant sizes and styles to choose. When you install hanging lights over the bed, make sure you spare enough headroom. Alternatively, hang pendants on either bed side for you to read before sleeping.

Graceful Crystal Chandelier in Unique Design above Bed as Best Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Last but not least, there are the recessed ceiling lights. If they are what you choose, make sure you install some well-placed light fixtures. It is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, your bedroom ceiling may end up like a runway, while we all know bedroom ceiling light fixture ideas are to create the right ambience for totally comfortable and relaxing mood.

Best Idea of Bedroom Ceiling Light in Round Shape Design above Fair Bed

Classy Bedroom Ceiling Lights with Perfect Built in Lamps in Round also Square Shape Design

Delightful Bedroom Ceiling Lights Attach on the Wooden Roof plus Small Wall Lamps

Lavish Bedroom Ceiling Lights with Built in Lamps also Crystal Chandelier plus Wall Lamps

Luxurious Interior Design with Elegant Furniture plus TV also Nice Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Modern Bedroom Ceiling Lights with Some Built in Lamps also Wall Lamps Decoration

Refined Design of Bedroom Ceiling Lights in Triangle Shape Design Made of Glass

Wonderful Bedroom Ceiling Lights with Orange Drum Shade also Crystal Chandelier above Bed

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