Window Covering Ideas and to Choose the Right One for You

There are various window covering ideas you can find when you are looking for one that complements your home interior design style and your needs. Today, we will briefly explain the various window treatment types the homeowners usually install to complement their home interior design. Check them out!

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For a room that doesn’t require much privacy, such as living room, semi-sheer window treatments are the suitable window treatment ideas to consider. They allow natural light entering through the semi-sheer fabrics, brightening the room at the same time. On the other hand, blackout curtains are the choice to install for a room like baby’s nursery to create absolute darkness where baby can sleep even in the middle of the day. Window draperies are the recommended choice for a room that requires more privacy, such as bedrooms on first floor, without limiting the amount of natural light entering.

For bathrooms located on the first floor, cellular shades are the recommended choice to provide privacy. Also known as bottom-up or tow-down shade, this shade allows bather walking around without having to worry about being seen while allowing a lot of sunlight in. The honeycomb design equipping cellular shades help keeping the heat in and the cold out. Another alternative for bathroom window covering is roller shade. Roller shades are easy to install and perforated.

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Try interior window shutters for guest room if your guests need to take a total rest after the sun comes up. The solid center panel will block out all the light, thus setting the right mood for sleeping. Indoor window shutters can provide more interesting visual appeal too, such as by painting them in bold colors. Last but not least, you can enhance your entry foyer by installing stained glass pairing the front door. You can enjoy various window treatment patterns for more welcoming and dramatic entrance.

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