Wood Fence Designs for Perfect House

If you want natural fence ideas for your house patio area, then you can try some wood fence designs for your lawn and house solution. You can try a Japanese fence or Western wood fence which is different and unique for every people. The difference between a Japanese and Western wood fence can be seen from its materials and design. For some reasons, a Japanese wood fence is not too complex and usually uses a bamboo for its materials.

Mesmerizing Wood Fence Designs Painted in Brown and Look Suitable with Concrete Carpot
In a Western style you can see a painted and elegant wood fence design ideas from oak or maple woods with low size. Perhaps its low size is related to Western society to assume that a fence is not a border between one’s house and its neighbourhood. Besides, it is only a patio decoration which will enhance a house beauty and appearance. But, in Japanese or most Asian countries, fence is a symbol for border or partition to separate private area and public area.

A Western style wood fence will be a perfect idea for you who want a simple and minimalist wood fence which will not separate your house and your neighbourhood. You can use a small, low, and open wood fence design for an ideal Western fence in your house. This kind of Western fence will give you an open and bright garden appearance for your house while it is good for socialization.

Refreshing Green Lawn Surrounding the Captivating Wood Fence Designs Designed without Painting

Different with a Western style wood fence, an Asian or Japanese wood fence design will be tighter and closed one with high fence design. It is closely related to cultural believe that separate private life and public area. For some people, they prefer to use bamboo because it is more affordable and durable. This bamboo fence design can also be a perfect wooden fence design ideas for a natural and beautiful house.

Attractive Brick Patterned Wall Coupled with Wood Fence Designs for Modern Home Decor

Awesome Perimeter Wall Which is Made of Wood Fence Designs Designed in Simple Style

Captivating Natural Colors of Wood Fence Designs Created near Beautiful Flowers and Plants

Exciting Wood Fence Designs Created without Painting to Beautify Natural Nuance Around High Trees

Fabulous View of Wood Fence Designs Designed in Creative Concept for Small Free Space

Simple Concept for Wood Fence Designs Surrounding the Empty Yard with Green Turfs

Terrific Wood Fence Designs Designed in Modern Accented by Black Metal for Railing

Wonderful Wood Fence Designs Designed with Stripes Motif Enhanced with Green Plants

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