Wooden Curtain Rods and How to Buy the Right Ones

The beautiful and decorative wooden curtain rods can be a great addition to update your interior room aside from buying new window treatments. Today, we will share some important tips to buy the right curtain rods, which apply generally for all curtain rod types. Well, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Amazing Design of Wooden Curtain Rods Which is Made of Metal and Painted in Brown

Your choice of, let’s say, wooden curtain rods and rings should be able to complement and match the window curtains you are using, both aesthetically and functionally. Know which curtain types you are going to hang in the room first. Heavy drapes need sturdy curtain rods that don’t bow under the fabric’s weight, such as wrought-iron rods. For wood curtain rods, hardwood is most likely your safest bet to demonstrate the similar sturdiness. On the other hand, double curtain rods are probably what you need if you plan layering window curtains. For lightweight and sheer curtains, tension curtain rods may be sufficient.

Unless you go for adjustable curtain rods, always make sure you measure the windows first before buying the rods. Add about 2 to 5 inches to the measurements to cover more of the walls with the curtains. Use the same tip before buying tension curtain rods, considering this curtain rod type relies on the tension of your window walls to stay up.

Unique Designed Wooden Curtain Rods Painted in Dark Brown to Place Adorable Red Curtains

Unfortunately, wood curtain rods are not suitable for bathroom window treatments. High moisture and humidity may crack and warp the wood. Therefore, for your bathroom curtains, stainless steel curtain rods or even plastic rods will work much better and deal with the environment greatly. But if it’s a bedroom or living room you plan to redecorate, wood can be a totally great choice especially if you go for the decorative wood curtain rods. There are wood curtain rods and rings with round finials for old classic look to create a more elegant feel.

Appealing Wooden Curtain Rods Which is Painted in Glossy Brown to Mix with White Door

Captivating Drapes on Simple Wooden Curtain Rods Placed near with Wooden Table

Beautiful Curtain Nuanced in Green Installed on Simple Wooden Curtain Rods for White Window

Charming Red and Brown Colored Drapes Hung on Glorious Wooden Curtain Rods Painted in Gold

Exciting Wooden Curtain Rods Painted in Brown and Created to Put Beautiful Drapes

Fabulous Wooden Curtain Rods Designed without Painting Mixed with Brown Drapes and White Wall

Fascinating Drapes Hung on Mesmerizing Wooden Curtain Rods Placed near with Classic Chairs

Gorgeous Wooden Curtain Rods Which is Painted in Brown for Hanging Cream Colored Curtain

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