Your Guide to Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom

Who says contemporary chandeliers for bedroom interior cannot add the similar elegance and beauty the classic chandeliers demonstrate? In general, your choice between contemporary and traditional chandeliers is only a matter of taste as both of them has the similar dramatic visual effect to enhance the room while providing the needed ambient lighting.

Bedroom Italian Design with Contemporary Chandeliers

One of important considerations when it comes to hanging contemporary chandeliers lighting is the size of the bedroom and the height of ceiling. In general, bedroom chandeliers work best in a room with more than 9’ ceiling height. Even so, you can opt for mini-chandelier aka chandelette for girl’s bedrooms or kid’s rooms as they are usually smaller than master bedroom suites. Even better, if the ceiling height appears to be your constraint, there are many mini chandeliers designed to be more like semi-flush ceiling light that will not consume much space.

Remember that your bedroom chandelier is not supposed to overpower the bedroom furnishings arranged under it. This means the chandelier lighting should be able to complement the bedroom interior design. Even so, hanging a chandelier that is too small is not recommended either. When you have decided the right chandelier size, pick a fixture depending on the predominant material or color already in the room. Contemporary light fixture design tends to display simple lines and less elaborate details.

Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom with small Interior Layout

The right chandelier placement is important too. Don’t hang it in the dead corner. Placing chandelier in the dead center is also one of common mistakes when it comes to installing this light fixture type. Rather, center the light fixture over the center of the strongest furnishing or feature the bedroom has, such as the bed. Last but not least, mind the right choice of light bulbs. For modern contemporary chandelier lighting in bedroom, use frosted bulbs with shades rather than clear bulbs.

Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom with White and Purple Design

Contemporary Chandeliers for Brown Color Bedroom Look

Crystal Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom

Master Bedroom Design with Contemporary Chandeliers

Minimalist Bedroom Interior with Contemporary Chandeliers

Modern and Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom

Single Bed Design with Contemporary Chandeliers for Bedroom

Wooden Floor Plank Wall Extraordinary Chandelier Contemporary Warm Bedroom Design

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