Your Guide to Laundry Room Sinks for More Functionality

Installing laundry room sinks is always a great idea as long as you have the space. Laundry room sink can improve convenience for you to hand-wash clothes, treat stains, clean up after crafts, water plants, and even wash your pets. Today, we will briefly discuss everything you have to know about installing sink for laundry room.

Lavish Cabinet in Black with White Laundry Room Sink also Stainless Steal Faucet

Floor-mounted, freestanding utility sinks are the simplest laundry sink type. They are available in acrylic, metal, compression-molded stone, or plastic. Unlike laundry room sinks with cabinets, utility sink doesn’t have storage unit pre-installed. But you can use the empty space underneath for your laundry room storage space which can be hidden by attaching fabric to the sink’s side edge. This sink type may have one or two sink bowls.

But if you need some cabinet storage and counter space and your laundry room has enough space, install a cabinet with sink to complement your laundry room sink. There are plenty options when it comes to laundry room cabinet, including when you want to go for affordable stock cabinets with laminate countertop or spend extra for custom cabinet with granite countertop. For a small laundry room, under-sink storage unit is always a welcoming addition. And if your laundry room has the space, install the sink to either the right or left of the countertop rather than of in the center. This way, you can benefit from space to fold your laundry.

Minimalist Cabinet in Black Color with White Laundry Room Sinks also Chrome Faucet

If you hard-wash often, consider installing a deep sink with vintage style, such as apron sink. For more convenience hand-washing while treating stains on garment, especially if you deal with more than one color, opt for a double-bowl sink instead. You can also enjoy more surfaces to fold your clothes even if your laundry room is small in size by putting a cover over the sink. Whether you go for laundry utility sinks with cabinets or without, make sure your choice can fit your needs perfectly.

Adorable Design of Granite Laundry Room Sinks attach on the White Wooden Cabinet

Captivating Stainless Steel Laundry Room Sinks also Black Countertop attach on the cabinet

Nice Basement Decoration with Loundry Room Sinks above Modern Washing also Dryling Machine

Pretty Laundry Room Sinks Design with Wooden Material in White above Washing Machine

Shapely Laundry Room Sinks in Square Shape Design with Black Faucet also Drain

Simple Laundry Room Sinks Made of Stainless Steel with Faucet Attach on Cabinet

Stunning Cabinet with Best Laundry Room Sink with Chrome Faucet beside Washing Machine

Sublime Stainless Steal Laundry Room Sinks with Faucet also Black Countertop plus Cabinet

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