Your Ultimate Small Dining Tables Ideas and Tips

Dealing with a small dining room is indeed challenging, but it doesn’t mean there are no small dining tables that fit perfectly in the small space. Today, we will guide you through the process of selecting small dining room table, from measuring to furniture arrangement.

Awesome Small Dining Tables Made of Wood Decorated with Neat Arrangements of Served Glass and Plate

First of all, always start with measuring the space. Allow at least 7’ to accommodate your small dining tables sets with chairs—8’ is better, 9’ is optimum. Spare about 48” around the dining table for walking space. This way, nobody will end up knocking everything off the table. But if your living place is extremely tight, such as an urban apartment or condominium, consider smaller dining table though. Don’t go less than 30” or go for dining table with leaf you can pull out when guests are coming. Drop-leaf tables look great as they’re tucked against the wall with leaves down and can feed two people without having you to extend them.

Round dining tables are always a recommended choice for small dining room, so do pedestal tables. Well, who says traditional interior style is the only one looking great with this table style? There are modern small dining rooms with matching modern pedestal tables too. They are usually made with sleek lacquered material or metal to get along with modern minimalist style flawlessly.

Adorable Red Padded Dining Chair at Traditional Dining Room with Small Dining Tables on Wooden Floor

And even though your dining table is small, it doesn’t mean you must skimp on decorating the table. Save corner space by using rounded-edge placemats, petite table centerpieces, or pretty candlesticks. Try a collection of bud vases with a single flower filling each of them! Just be sure you leave enough room for guests to talk over the table decorations. Even though it’s the small dining table sets for 2, nobody wants spending their evening talking to a vase of flowers.

Appealing Small Dining Tables Shaped in Round and Blended with Wooden Dining Chairs on White Rug

Captivating Black Themed Dining Room with Small Dining Tables and Black Chairs on Wooden Floor

Chic Centerpiece on Small Dining Tables Painted in White Combined with Simple Dining Chairs

Fabulous Dining Chairs Combined with Small Dining Tables with Ceramic Cup and Vase

Inspiring Small Dining Tables Made of Wood and Glass Elements Combined with Fabulous Dining Chairs

Old Fashioned Small Dining Tables Designed with 3 Drawers on It and Enhanced with Served Glass and Plate

Simple Dining Chairs Combined with Small Dining Tables at Small Dining Room on Sleek Wooden Floor

Traditional Dining Room Furnished with Simple Dining Chairs and Small Dining Tables on Hardwood Flooring

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